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So You Still Think Homosexuality Is Sinful?

This appeared on Gay UK's FB page earlier this month, and we think it's pretty awesome :)

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Seeing Through the Statistics

Its easy to get caught up in celebrating marriage equality's big victories: the changes to the law; the success of new campaigns or the increase in public approval. We applaud the release of statistics showing the benefits of marriage whilst deriding those who wish to deny it to same-sex couples. It's easy to forget however, that, behind the headlines and Parliamentary committees, underneath the stonewall t-shirts, and newspaper editorials, same-sex marriage is more than just an ideal - it's something very real. People (actual human individuals who live and love like anyone else) can finally marry their partners. This is something tangible. You can reach out and touch these people. You can witness their happiness. They are no more of a statistic than you are just 206 bones in a skin suit.  Recently, The Office for National Statistics revealed that 1,409 same-sex marriages had been registered in England and Wales since March. At the time we celebrated and cheered be

Same-Sex Couples Reveal Engagement Ring Preferences

In the past, we've concentrated on what happens after a proposal: the wedding planning; the ceremony and the honeymoon, but the engagement period can be just as exciting. It's a time of transition from being a coupl e to becoming a married couple . And it's an rock-solid, unquestioningly legitimate excuse for a party, too. Fortunately, same-sex couples can break with the traditions that have constrained opposite-sex couples. There is nothing wrong with having a traditional wedding, but some of the 'accepted' norms are outdated, outmoded and, in some cases, particularly unsavory for the modern woman . Fortunately, we're moving away from attitudes insisting men shouldn't have engagement rings; that brides should always wear white; that there has to be a best man or that a bride can't invite a male friend to walk behind her during her entrance. Today, new traditions are emerging and there's now far greater emphasis on what makes you happy rat

Win Your Dream Wedding at Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire.

There are some breathtaking venues in our directory, but one of the finest has to be  Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire. This former monastery, surrounded by picture perfect grounds, will make the job of  any wedding photographer easier, and guess what? They're offering one lucky couple the chance to get married there for FREE. Fancy winning a wedding worth £14,500? Keep scrolling for more information. About Stanbrook Abbey "Stanbrook Abbey is a breathtaking former monastery set amongst 22 acres in the shadow of the Malvern Hills. Offering a multitude of stunning locations to entertain and celebrate, Stanbrook Abbey is the perfect setting for a romantic and rural wedding that is certain to impress.   As well as the Abbey itself, the venue boasts a stunning Manor House, complete with an elegant drawing room, self catering kitchen, powder room and 5 luxurious bedroom suites- carefully planned with weddings in mind and the perfect location for your to relax and un