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Happy New Year!

Here’s hoping that 2016 will be the year when…
Kim Davies shuts her mouth and goes away
Australia FINALLY gets to start celebrating same-sex marriages.
Northern Ireland FINALLY gets to start celebrating same-sex marriages.
Equal marriage is passed in more countries
Homosexuality is decriminalised in more countries.
The Westboro Baptists are recalled to their whack-a-doo mothership.
We trust individuals to recognise and realise their own gender at whatever stage of their life they’re at.
Gladiators comes back to Saturday night television

A Reminder of The Directory & Our Social Media Pages (And Happy New Year!)

The bit between Christmas and New Year is a bit like purgatory.
What day is it?Should I be somewhere?Do the bins need to go out? and Yes! Crack open the Baileys.
So we’re going to keep our blog posts dead simple until 2016 (more for our benefit). 
We're not officially back in the office until January 5th, so we've just popped our head into the office to remind you of a few things. 

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Merry Christmas From Everyone At Pink Wedding Days!

On behalf of everyone at Pink Wedding Days, we’d like to wish all our advertisers, readers and visitors a very Happy Christmas.
We’ll be back to normal on January 5th 2015, but if you do need to get in touch, then you can find our email on the contact page or drop us a message on Facebook

Military Chapels May Be Required to Host Same-Sex Weddings

Equal marriage was introduced in England, Wales and Scotland in 2014, but there hasn’t been a same-sex marriage in a Ministry of Defence (MOD) chapel. 
The Daily Telegraph reports that MOD chapels have been told they ‘must permit’ same-sex wedding ceremonies.  The MOD has denied this.
What we do know is that Defence Minister,Penny Mordaunt, has encouraged The Sending Churches (the Christian denominations who send Chaplains to the MOD chapels) to implement the 2014 Marriage (Same-Sex Couples Act)

Ordinarily, religious groups can opt-out of performing same-sex weddings.
For example, the Catholic Church and the Church of England do not allow their premises or their ministers to participate in same-sex weddings. Both of these Churches send chaplains to MOD chapels.
Chapels are different, however. They don't come under the same classification as churches, and military chapels are owned by the MOD which does allow same-sex marriages.
It’s a unique situation: the premises should be available…

Greece Legalises Civil Partnerships

The Greek Parliament has approved a same-sex union bill which will give gay couples a greater range of legal rights.
The new legislation comes two years after Greece was criticised by the European Court of Human Rights for anti-gay discrimination.
The bill was passed with 193 voting in favour and 56 voting against.
The Greek Orthodox Church remains vehemently opposed to any legislation that recognises or validates same-sex relationships, and they remain the loudest critics of the new bill.
There is still no provision on same-sex couples being able to adopt children.

Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, said the vote was “a significant day for human rights", and admitted that the legislation was long overdue. 

10 Years of Civil Partnerships

It’s been 10 years since the first civil partnerships in the UK.
Just for some perspective, 2005 was the year Shane Ward scored a Christmas number 1 with ‘That’s My Goal’. It was also the year that Prince Charles married Camilla Parker-Bowles, MG Rover went into receivership and Pope John Paul II died. Sadly, it was also the year of the 7/7 bombings in London.
YouTube was founded in 2005, too. (How did we ever find videos of cats on skateboards before then?)

10 years is a long time, but it isn’t long enough to justify why it wasn’t done sooner in the UK. 
Same-sex couples had limited legal protection before 2005. The importance of the Civil Partnership Act was that it shored up the legal rights of individuals as a homosexual couple. It wasn't just about celebrating, about having a ring or having a party, it was about protecting and recognising the right to be together. In the event of a partner's death, a bereavement, an illness or when children were involved the Civil Partnership…

2015: Same-Sex Marriage Recap

It’s hard to believe that we’re about to shut the door on 2015. This year has been something of a mixed-bag for same-sex couples and their allies. Of course, there have been the big victories in the Republic of Ireland and the USA, but there has been disappointment, too: the lack of progress in Northern Ireland and the repulsive rhetoric coming from the far-right for example. 
We thought it would be a good idea to take stock of some of the events and occasions that we’ve reported over the past year.  This certainly isn’t exhaustive, but here are the things that meant something to us in 2015

At midnight on December 31st, same-sex marriage became legal in Scotland. First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, was on hand to act as witness at one of the country’s first ceremonies.
Luxembourg held its first gay marriage on January 1st.
Florida became the 36th US state to say yes to gay marriage after a judicial bar preventing same-sex marriages expired.
Two men, married in England, took their fight to t…

5 Wedding Venues for a Wonderfully Winter Ceremony

Winter is a great time to get married.
It’s the season of snowballs, thick socks, and hearty soups in front of warm fires. 
We absolutely love winter, and it seems that many of you do, too. 
Christmas 2015 is little more than a week away, but we thought we’d jump ahead to Christmas 2016 and 2017, because we want to show you 5 venues that would make a perfect winter wonderland for any couple saying I do.
We’re a gay wedding directory, but, as always, you certainly don’t have to be gay to use us. The venues included in Pink Wedding Days are inclusive of all which means they’re all very well versed in the Christmas spirit.

Descriptions come from the venue themselves, and for each one you’ll find a link to either a directory page or website.

The Founder's Building, Royal Holloway, Surrey. 

"The Founder's Building is a stunning venue nestled within 135 acres of attractive Surrey parkland bordering Windsor Great Park. As well as the beautiful surroundings, from the wonderful Picture G…

Guernsey Approves Gay Marriage

Guernsey’s Government has voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage.
The vote on December 8th was passed with 37 in favour and 7 against. 
Guernsey is not part of the United Kingdom, but it is a British Crown Dependency. This means that whilst it’s responsible for its own political and social governance (the law, the police, education etc.) it remains dependent on the United Kingdom for its foreign and defence policy.
At present, Guernsey does not offer any legal recognition for same-sex couples, and this includes civil partnerships. LGBTI campaigners, therefore, are regarding this as something of a momentous occasion. 

Don’t rush to buy a hat just yet, however. The legislation will have to be drawn up and voted on, and there's no timetable for that. 
2017 is likely to be the earliest that we see same-sex marriages on the island. 
2015 has been a relatively good year for gay marriage, and it hasn’t just been the bigger players, either, like the United States and Ireland making hi…