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Paperless Post & Awesome Electronic Wedding Invitations

Etiquette dictates that wedding invitations should be hand-written in black copperplate script on a cream or matte background , and they should be sent by post. Honestly? We used to turn our noses up at the thought of a digital wedding invitation or e-vite.  To us, it seemed impersonal and a rather soulless way of announcing a couple's upcoming nuptials. We didn't think that an invitation created online could compare to a handwritten one - until now.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have the chance to try out some of Paperless Post's gorgeous designs.  There's nothing impersonal about their collection of online wedding stationery.  What we LOVE about Paperless Post: There’s an impressive range of designs .  And let’s face it, this is what we’re most bothered about when choosing our invites. The invitation is the first look that guests get of your theme or aesthetic , and it’s important that couples set the tone correctly. The Paperless Post desi

Travelling Around the World as LGBTQ: What's it Really Like? Survey Request

When you’re out in public with your partner do you feel comfortable holding hands or showing affection? The fab people at Airport Parking Shop are asking the LGBTQ community what it’s like to travel around the world and what difficulties they face and how they overcome them. You can access the survey by following this link. I was in Madrid a couple of years ago with a gay friend, and we were completely taken aback at how many LGBTQ couples were holding hands in public and  being affectionate (acting as heterosexual couples do).  It made us realise how little we'd seen that in other countries and was one of the reasons we fell in love with Madrid. The results of the survey will, no doubt , be fascinating and insightful and we’d encourage anyone with a minute or two spare to offer their experiences.  

Average UK Wedding Cost Now at All-Time High

Just got engaged?  Wondering what the average cost of a UK wedding is? You might want to look away. I t’s £30,355.   MORE THAN THIRTY THOUSAND POUNDS. It’s a  12% increase  on last year.  Christ on a retro-converted prosecco bike - what are you people buying? Okay, so it's probably not that surprising. All that  Insta-worthy, #WeddingoftheYear, Etsy-inspired, three-day festival with alpacas, organic locally produced vegan street food and a laser light show  will add up. I t’s no wonder that the price is rising year-on-year.   We’ve moved beyond the pre-90s wedding template: the church or registry office ceremony, the sit-down meal, the evening reception, buffet and disco into bespoke stage-managed events where personalisation is everything.   It’s obvious that this is going to have an implication on price.  Just to put that into some perspective, a first-time buyer can expect a deposit on a house to be around £28,000 .   It’ll

Homosexuality and India in 2018: Is it about to be legalised?

India’s Supreme Court is deciding whether or not to repeal Section 377 – a colonial-era statute that 'protects' against carnal intercourse. Carnal intercourse has long been understood to include homosexuality. The Indian Government has deferred the matter to the Court, saying that it will not interfere or appeal a final decision on Section 377.   Introduced in 1861 when India was under British rule , the statute forms part of the country's penal code on which India's laws are based.  Section 377 is also proof that despite Britain's role as a major international proponent of LGBTQ rights, it's left an  appalling legacy  in many of its former overseas interests and possessions. Colonial-era laws have caused problems in a number of Commonwealth countries where Victorian penal codes have clashed with human rights laws. This was seen  recently in  Bermuda with the repeal and then reversal of same-sex marriage. Back in 2012, the Indian Govern

Planning Your Wedding: 8 Easy Tips to Get You Started

You’re engaged!  Congratulations!  But now it’s time to float down from cloud-nine and get onto the serious business of planning a wedding.  If you’re feeling a bit sick at the thought of having to arrange an entire wedding ceremony and reception, then know that’s entirely understandable.   It’s a tough gig .   As a  wedding guest, you may not have appreciated the amount of organising that goes into a wedding day.  Just remember that It’s a marathon, not a sprint (unless, of course, you’re getting married quickly).   You’re allowed to enjoy this bit.  In these first few days and weeks, anything is possible.   Dream big. Eager to get started? There’s nothing wrong with being quick off the mark. Sometimes the early bird really does catch the worm BUT giving yourself a bit of breathing space and the time to daydream and research might give you some surprising options. How to take the first step in planning your wedding 1 By keeping a wedding folder or