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Bloody Horrendous Halloween Wedding Ideas

A themed wedding isn’t everyone’s cup of blood.

For those more traditionally minded, the dress will be white, the cake will be fruit and the seating plan will be handled with absolute sanctity
For others, however, a wedding is a great excuse to get creative and what better time of the year to do it in than Halloween.
The problem is that choosing a theme comes with its own set of problems. This isn't having a few people round for some drinks on Halloween; it's your wedding. Whether you believe in the walking dead or not there has to be authenticity to what you're doing. Having a themed wedding won't necessarily be any cheaper than going traditional: it's going to take more than a bag of jelly spiders, a Jason mask and some cobwebs to pull of a frightfully good event.

Here are a few tips to get you started if you’re looking for a truly gorygeous wedding:

Be frugal but don’t be cheap. For authenticity, you’ll have to shop clever. You may need to make some of the things …

10 Ways To Keep Your Wedding On Budget

A Wedding Costs How Much!?

There's no such thing as a free lunch. Unless, of course, you turn up to a wedding without a present and start digging into the buffet...
In the age of the consumer - for better or for worse - everything has a price, and weddings are no exception. The average cost of a wedding in the UK is now an eye watering £17,853
Somewhere down the line simple ceremonies, sit-down meals and Sunday bests were swapped for photo booths, vodka fountains and garters stitched with virgin mermaid tears (that last one may very well exist on Etsy). 
Picking a budget isn't about prescribing how much you should spend. It's about working out what you can spend. Whether that's £500,000 or £500, by being smart with your spending you can make it go further. Nobody is saying that you shouldn't splash out on your big day; it's knowing where to draw the line. Marriage isn't about a single day, it's about the rest of your life, so don't be tempted to p…

Not Feeling a Honeymoon yet? Take an Autumn Mini-Moon Instead

Autumn is a great time of the year to be married, but it can be a difficult season to honeymoon in: European holiday destinations start cooling down, seasonal weather warnings start popping up in the Caribbean and, for those without children, there’s the half-term holiday period to compete with when prices inevitably rise. 

After an expensive wedding, couples are likely to be painfully aware of the cold, brandy tainted breath of Christmas drawing near. It begs the question: are quick UK getaways in autumn worth attempting?

We say absolutely.
Increasingly, couples are choosing to hold-off on the big honeymoon and opt instead for a mini-moon in the UK.
It means a short but well-earned break right at the start of married life yet it leaves the option for a larger honeymoon later on, too.

There are a number of reasons why couples might choose to do this: work commitments, childcare commitments or (very understandably) post-wedding lethargy. Equally, it isn’t every couple who might want a big …

Scottish Same-Sex Weddings: We Have A Date!

We're taking a break today from our planned post on autumn weddings to share some amazing news from Scotland.

From December 16th 2014, same-sex couples in Scotland can finally register to marry. The first ceremonies will take place on December 31st and will coincide with Hogmany.
What a fantastic way to start the new year :)
We've been following developments in Scotland since the Marriage and Civil Partnership Act was passed back in February with a majority of 87. 
It's great news, too, for couples already in a civil partnership; they'll be able to convert their partnerships to marriage from December 16th. Following a similar strategy to England and Wales (where same-sex marriage has been legal since March), Scottish couples will not have to pay for the conversion providing their civil partnership took place when same-sex marriage wasn't legal. They'll have until December 2015 to do so.
Tom French, policy and public affairs coordinator for the Equality Network

Flower Power For Your Autumn Wedding

Autumn doesn't need to be a season of burnt oranges, pine-cone browns and cinnamon; it shouldn't be considered as a poor relation of springtime, either.

Most of us would agree that it's a beautiful season but for those getting married: what flowers are available?
Well, probably more than you think. You might consider Gerberas. Gerberas have bright and large petals that will add standout colour to any bouquet or centerpiece. They can be found in a multitude of colours that include more autumnal hues right through to bolder tones. The Gerbera doesn't have a scent,  so it won't clash with other flowers or with perfumes and aftershaves. 
It would be a good choice to use in a bouquet, as decoration around the venue or as a gift for the brides' or grooms' parents.

There's the Calla lily, too. Once considered to be a flower of mourning, this lily is now a popular choice for couples. The colour, long stem and shape of the flower make it the perfect choice for ei…

This is Why Autumn Weddings Rule

Summer is now long behind us, and we’re now squarely into the season of cable-knit jumpers, chunky soups, log fires and fireworks. We love Autumn. It’s the final hoorah! Before the cold dark dampness of winter and it’s a fantastic season to get married in. 
And here’s why:
Autumn is not considered to be a peak wedding season. Venues are more likely to offer discounts or added extras, and weddings which are done with shorter notice are more easily accommodated because of fewer clients and greater flexibility. 

The weather is still relatively mild in autumn. With a little preparation, you can certainly weather proof your big day and keep your guests warm and dry. It’s easy for couples having a summer wedding to become complacent about weather on their big day. Autumn couples are more likely to be realistic. They're more likely to prepare accordingly, too. Not to mention that autumn is filled with all the things to give your big day a sense of season: ear muffs, scarves, umbrellas and h…

Getting Married Abroad: Sainsbury's Bank PDF Guide

With the average cost of a wedding in the UK now between £18,000 and £20,000 it's easy to understand why so many couples (as many as 1 in 5) are planning to marry abroad.

It isn't just the cost that's sending people overseas however; weather, family obligations and the desire to have a ceremony with a little difference are all contributing factors, too.

Wedding planning isn't easy. We've certainly written enough posts about how tough it can be to fulfill all the roles demanded of a bride or groom, and it isn't everyone who enjoys, or even wants, that level of responsibility. Family pressures on who to invite, who not to invite, who can't sit next to who, who really has to be a bridesmaid and who really shouldn't be etc, can also make running away an attractive prospect.

 Oh, and the weather, too: in Britain it makes no guarantees. If you want a crunching snowy carpet, or a baking beach backdrop to your photographs, then, again, going abroad makes sense.

Wedding Fayres: Carberry Tower & Chateau Rhianfa

Are you looking for an outstanding venue in the Edinburgh or Angesey areas? 

Two impressive venues in the AmaZing Hotel group are holding wedding fayres over the next few weeks, and Carberry Tower (Musselburgh) and Chateau Rhianfa (Anglesey) might just be the perfect place for your ceremony.

You can find out more about Carberry Tower and Chateau Rhianfa by clicking through to our directory.

"Come and experience our luxury wedding Venues on our special Wedding Fayres and Open Days. Explore our historical rooms, breathtaking grounds, luxurious accommodation, and decide in which location you will be saying ‘I Do!’   On selected dates throughout the year, join us at one of our magical locations and see for yourself why so many brides choose our AmaZing Venues to tie the knot.  On arrival you will be served a chilled glass of fizz and a slice of homemade cake before one of our wedding experts takes you on a guided tour of the Venue. We will also be on hand to answer any questions you may h…