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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Planner

5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Wedding Planner Weddings take a lot of organising.  Honestly?  Sometimes the planning sucks. Negotiating with vendors isn’t fun.  You will not have a good time figuring out who sits where.  Finalising the running order of the speeches doesn’t make for an exciting morning’s work.   Picking the perfect wedding planner can help alleviate some of the stress and boredom that comes with planning a wedding.  Find the right one and they are absolutely worth their weight in gold. Meet in person You have to have a connection with your wedding planner .  If they don’t click with you and your partner, then it’s not going to work. This is particularly important for same-sex couples. Of course, wedding planners should be accepting and open-minded towards everyone , but, as you probably already know, there are narrow-minded people in every profession.  Fortunately, these individuals are rarely subtle and are often easily sniffed out