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Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal in Slovenia.

Slovenia is celebrating its first same-sex wedding after a lesbian couple tied the knot in Slovenia’s second-largest city, Maribor on Saturday. Civil partnerships have been legal in Slovenia since 2006 but offered only limited legal rights.   Despite Slovenia's Constitutional Court ruling in 2009 that this  contravened the country's non-discrimination code, it was not until March 2015 that its parliament voted to approve same-sex marriage, but t his bill was later rejected in December 2015 following a referendum. A second bill was approved in April last year and calls for another referendum blocked. The new marriage legislation came into effect on February 24 th , 2017 with the country’s first lesbian wedding taking place the following day. Campaigners have celebrated the news, but they argue that there’s still a long way to go until same-sex couples are afforded the same rights as heterosexual couples. Currently, Slovenia doe

Mercure Kidderminster: Wedding Fayre on Sunday February 19th

Where: Mercure Kidderminster, Worcestershire. What: Hotel Capacity:  Balmoral Suite allows for between 60 and 250 guests.  For a smaller ceremony, the venue offers The Court Restaurant. Contact: PWD page                 Mercure Kidderminster Website                 Twitter                 Facebook Wedding Fayre: Sunday 19 th February 2017 What We Love:  This Victorian hotel has 25 acres of beautiful grounds, and on sunny days it’s possible to have your nuptials outside.   If you’re feeling a little frazzled after months of wedding planning, then there are onsite leisure facilities, too, with a beautician, hairdressers, fitness centre, health suite and swimming pool.  There’s plenty of accommodation , so guests won’t have to rush off at the end of the night.  And if you book your wedding before the end of February 2017 , The Mercure have a little gift for you, too.   And don't forget! The hotel is   hosting a wedding fayre on Sun

Nell Bryden - Thought I Was Meant For You

We all aspire to have the perfect wedding day , and it’s easy to get caught up in the planning, but does it really matter how many tiers there are on the cake or if it’s good etiquette for both brides to wear white? Seating charts? Who cares! Rather than the perfect wedding day, we should all aspire for a good marriage.  For some couples, however, marriage hasn't always been possible, and for many more around the world, it may never be possible. The quietly devastating video for Nell Bryden’s song ‘Thought I Was Meant for You’ was described by The Gay Times as ‘One of the most powerful gay music videos you’ll watch this year.’ It’s the story of two men who wanted to marry before Alzheimer’s robbed one of the other. It’s beautiful and it’s sad, and it’s a reminder that love is precious and that the equal marriage fight is always important and will always be worth fighting for.  Give it a watch and let us know what you think. 

5 Things NOT to Do On Your Wedding Day

It’s finally here: the culmination of months of planning. It's the morning of your wedding.  Hours away from saying "I do" , and you just want everything to be perfect.  Understandable, of course, but it's your wedding day , and you damn well deserve to enjoy yourself.  Given the months of planning, stressing and sorting out, it can be tempting to squeeze both hands around the tiller and refuse to let go. But don't.  It's time to breathe, let go and get married.  With that in mind, here are our 5 suggestions on what NOT to do on the morning of your wedding .  Don't skip on food.  This is especially true if you're planning on knocking back the prosecco.   Nerves are an appetite killer , but it's important to eat something. Unless, of course, you plan on adding a swan dive to your grand entrance.  Chances are you wedding breakfast won't be until mid-late afternoon, so be sure to keep some light snacks around