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Who Walks Down the Aisle at a Gay Wedding?

Wedding traditions remain an important component of many gay and most straight wedding ceremonies. So who walks down the aisle at a gay wedding?   The short answer?  Whoever you want. What you choose to do and celebrate within your own wedding should be entirely up to you and your partner. Tradition shouldn’t be seen as something that must be adhered to or – in the case of LGBTQ ceremonies – adapted mindlessly.  One of the best things about planning a gay wedding is that there are plenty of opportunities  to customise both the ceremony and reception to reflect your own individual personalities.  The important thing is not to let family or friends who are fixated on what’s traditional to unduly influence what it is that you want to do on your big day.  Some people just don’t have the imagination for anything other than a cookie-cutter ceremony. You might hear people saying things like: You CAN’T see each other before the ceremony You HAVE to have

Askham Hall is Hosting a Wedding Venue Showcase in February!


Gilwell Park in Chingford is Hosting a Wedding Show in February

We were excited to hear that the gorgeous  Gilwell Park in Chingford is hosting a wedding show in February.  Set in 108 acres, the estate is home to the 17 th  century Grade II listed White House, and we just know you’re going to fall in love with it. Gilwell Park has  40 on-site bedrooms  with enough space in the Main Hall to accommodate 150 guests for the wedding breakfast. One of the big selling points is the individual approach to each ceremony and each couple.  Their invitation to you to  ‘tailor every detail’  means this splendid building is your blank slate.  Few venues offer such freedom. This is Georgian elegance tucked away in Epping Forest  BUT  within touching distance of major transport networks offering couples and guests the best of both worlds. We’d highly recommend that you plan a trip to  Gilwell Park's wedding show on Sunday, February 24th 2019 between 11am and 3pm. Entry is  free  and there’s a welcome glass of chilled prosecco.  T