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5 Tips to Keep Your Wedding Spending Under Control

Back in December, Harper’s Bazaar reported that the average cost of a UK wedding was £27,000. A few months later, The Independent wrote that the average deposit for first time homeowners was £33,000. That’s only a £6,000 difference, and t he cost of a single event versus owning your own home. And that’s even assuming that the a verage price of a home in your area is £207,693. In some parts of the UK it’s considerably less. £27,000 let that sink in for a moment. Whatever your budget, the trick is to spend smarter not harder.   Here are our 5 tips to stop you from overspending on your big day. Add a 10% buffer to your budget All the planners, calendars, apps and organisers in the world can’t save you from unforeseen expenses.  Not to mention something you might have overlooked, miscalculated or underestimated the price of.   It happens but having a bit of wiggle room can make all the difference. We suggest building in a 10%

5 LGBT-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations

The global travel industry is worth an estimated $US 7 trillion, and i ts growth has made the world smaller than ever. Airlines fly passengers further and faster.  Ships are carrying more people to more destinations than could ever have been predicted years before. With enough time, money and inclination, you can go almost anywhere on earth. But that isn’t always true for same-sex couples . In Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen , for example, homosexuality is still punishable by death. It’s still criminalised in 72 other countries, too. In comparison, there’s nowhere on Earth where heterosexuality is illegal. There’s not a single place where people are persecuted, imprisoned, disinherited or killed solely for being straight. Things are improving , but it’s a slow process, and it can make booking an overseas trip more complicated for the LGBTQ traveler. Single gay travelers have it easier than couples. If nothing else, it’s easie