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Wedding Trends: What to Watch Out for in 2020

As we head into the last month of 2019 (and into the roaring 20’s…Christ) , we thought we’d take an opportunity to look ahead to some of the wedding trends that you’re likely to see in 2020 . Trends and traditions are all well and good, but there’s nothing like putting your own stamp, your own personality on your big day.  Don’t worry too much about what’s up-and-coming or what’s on-trend for 2020 . In reality, weddings are more than the sum of your Pinterest board and what a fashion editor says is a “must-have”. Trends can, however, open our eyes to new possibilities, colours, floral designs, food choices, music, games and cuts of clothing.  There’s no harm in looking into what’s trending, especially if it opens your eyes to something unique.   From the wit-woo to the wacky, here are some of the big wedding trends you could be seeing in 2020.  Vogue writes that couples are now choosing wedding and engagement rings together, which we think is really rat

Askham Hall Earns a Michelin Star

Couples getting married at Askham Hall in Penrith, Cumbria , now have another reason to celebrate their choice of wedding venue:  Allium, Askham Hall’s on-site restaurant has just been awarded a Michelin Star. And we couldn’t be happier for them. Askham Hall is a superb venue and this most-coveted award is thoroughly well-deserved.  The food is sumptuous, scrumptious locally-inspired hearty fare inspired by produce that's grown on the estate and in the surrounding area.   Charles Lowther, the owner of Askham Hall, says, “This is tremendous news and a testament to the dedication, creativity and sheer hard work of Richard and his talented team. The cycle of life in the gardens and fields at Askham Hall dictate our menus and we are proud to take a leading role in the Lake District’s growing reputation as a foodie destination.” Head Chef, Richard Swale, has been praised for his “innate understanding” of how to use the “fantastic produce” on Askham’s doorstep

Make the Most of Visiting a Wedding Fair

Make the Most of Visiting a Wedding Fair Visiting a wedding fair is a chance for prospective brides and grooms to meet and talk with wedding venues, suppliers and vendors and to find inspiration, to enquire about services offered and to potentially (and hopefully) make a booking. Some couples relish the opportunity to attend a wedding fair.   Others avoid them altogether.   They can be a good place to start but they’re by no means the be-all and end-all of planning. Wedding fairs range in size from small boutique events, to hotel open days and right through to large exhibitions like the National Wedding Show at Birmingham’s NEC. Events take place right across the country and there’s almost certain to be one local to you. If you’ve found hotels or venues that you like the look of, ask if they’re holding a wedding open day.  It’s a great way to see the space dressed for the occasion. Wedding fairs are also a great way to get friends and family in

Askham Hall: Wedding Venue Showcase in February 2020

Oh Askham Hall , you gloriously gorgeous wedding venue! We make no secret or apology of the fact that we LOVE this place so we're really excited to be able to share with you details of  Askham Hall’s Wedding Venue Showcase . You’ll find the details below J