Wedding Favours: The Nation's Favourite Sweets and Chocolates

What is wedding planning if not just a series of choices made about things you wouldn’t normally worry about.  Your big day needs big decisions, and you may quickly find yourself becoming an expert in fields you’d never even considered before: décor, flower arranging, interior design, conflict management (you can’t sit HER next to HIM…) to name but a few.
Fortunately, some decisions are more enjoyable than others:  Food tasting, cake sampling, wine pairing, honeymoon planning, anyone?
And one of the best jobs has to be researching what goes on the sweetie cart.Guests love retro sweets, and offering a selection of nostalgic candies and chocolates has been one of the most popular reception trends of recent years.Sweets make great favours, too, and are popular with both young and old guests.Affordable, colourful, nostalgic and, most importantly, tasty as hell, retro sweets are brilliant because as everyone knows, calories don’t count at weddings.
So what are the nation’s favourites sweets a…

Gay Wedding Venues and Vendors on Pink Wedding Days

Looking for a gay-friendly wedding venue or service provider? Pink Wedding Days can help.We list UK businesses eager to assist you and your partner in the planning of your same-sex marriage ceremony. We’ve got venues and vendors across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and they come in all shapes, sizes and for all budgets.

For example, looking for a wedding venue in Scotland with a view?  Then don’t miss The Vu – this centrally located venue sits between Edinburgh and Glasgow in the Bathgate hills, on the gorgeous Ballencrief Reservoir.  Couples are married in the Water Lily Suite that actually extends out onto the water.  It doesn’t get much better than that.
Or maybe you’re looking for luxury transportation for your wedding?  Fancy arriving in something special? BK Executive Cars has a fleet of superb vehicles that won’t just get you to the ceremony on time but in style – your bridesmaids and families, too.

Maybe you’re after Victorian splendour in historic Brighton?  If so…

Trinidad and Tobago's Ban on Consensual Gay Intimacy is Overturned

Trinidad and Tobago’s High Court has ruled that it is unlawful to criminalise same-sex intimacy between two consenting adults. 
Anal intercourse was previously punishable by up to twenty-five years in prison. Sexual intimacy – without intercourse – risked a sentence of five years.
This is fantastic news for the island’s gay community, but it also highlights the severity of homosexuality laws in a number of Britain’s previous colonies.That two gay men could face a twenty-five-year prison sentence for having a consensual sexual encounter is unbelievably draconian, and it’s Britain’s fault.  These laws are a hangover from a time when Britain treated homosexuals like criminals and told its colonies to do the same. 
Theresa May has now said that she ‘deeply regrets’ Britain’s role in creating and enforcing anti-LGBTQ laws in Commonwealth nations. Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has promised that he will ‘raise LGBTQ rights with foreign leaders of countries where homosexuality is illegal’. 

Gay Wedding Venues: The Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel

Brighton is home to one of the UK’s largest LGBTQ communities making this Victorian seaside resort ideal for same-sex weddings.

Whilst there are plenty of gay wedding venues in Brighton here’s one that should definitely be on your must-see list: the Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel.
Couples have a choice of ceremony spaces: the Clarence Suite, the Ambassador Suite, and the Regency Suite which is the largest of the three. For guests with a more intimate wedding in mind, there is also The Chartwell Suite at the top of the hotel which commands excellent sea views. 
Located in the heart of Brighton, The Hilton Metropole is less than an hour away from Central London by train.  This hotel boasts Victorian splendour, effortless charm and impressive attention to detail and all with magnificent sea views.
Here's what the venue has to say in its own words: 
There couldn’t be a more romantic location for the biggest day of your life, than Hilton Brighton Metropole. Set in the heart of one of the U…

Win Your Wedding Reception at Sandon Hall

How about winning your wedding reception at the gorgeous Sandon Hall in Staffordshire?

Sandon Hall has teamed up with award-winning caterer Vanilla in Allseasons and The Estate Boys bar service to offer this amazing prize worth £10,900 including venue hire, catering and a DJ.
All you have to do is send them your proposal story in five hundred words or fewer (with supporting photographs and video) before May 4th. 

Full details of this amazing prize-package are listed on Sandon Hall’s blog and include:
Exclusive use of Sandon Hall for the wedding reception on Saturday 27th April 2019Use of house and grounds for photographyUse of conservatory for arrival drinks and canapésUse of Saloon for wedding breakfast and evening party until Midnight
Value: £6,750
Exceptional service courtesy of a multi-award winning teamArrival canapésDelicious three-course set meal for up to 40 guestsCutlery, crockery and table linensBacon and sausage baps for up to 80 guests at the evening reception
Value: £2,650

Lesbian Wedding Etiquette: 4 Tips for First Time Guests

Gay marriage was legalised in England, Scotland and Wales in 2015 and Civil Partnerships a decade earlier, so why do some people still need to be schooled on how to act at a same-sex ceremony?
Or maybe it isn’t specifically an LGBTQ issue.  We’ve been writing about weddings long enough now to know that they can bring out the worst in guests regardless of the happy couple’s sexual orientation.
And it isn’t just guests who aren’t 100% on board with homosexuality that can be a problem.  There are the over-enthusiastic first-timers, too: the ones who mean well but treat the day like a novelty sideshow.

“I’m SO excited about your gay wedding.”
“I’ve never been to a LESBIAN wedding before” “I think it’s amazing that they let YOU get married now.”

Being excited about a wedding, any wedding, is what any soon-to-be-married couple wants but remember that most gay couples have spent their entire lives having to defend their sexuality, being reminded that their relationship isn't the same and that …

Europe’s Top 10 LGBT Friendly Destinations

We’re at the start of the wedding season, and if you’re about to start planning your same-sex ceremony and reception, then you’re probably itching to book your honeymoon, too.
Only it isn’t as straightforward for LGBTQ couples.  It’s not just following the sunshine, checking the Foreign Office website, noting the strength of the pound against the Euro or Dollar or picking somewhere pretty from a glossy brochure.
There are countries in the world where homosexuality is still punishable by death. There are honeymoon destinations where gay people can be flogged, imprisoned, murdered without impunity.
There are popular sunshine destinations where holding your partner's hand could expose you to abuse.
So we were intrigued when the fab people at James Villas sent us Destination Pride’s research into Europe’s Top 10 LGBT-friendly destinations and there are some fab spots in there.
Each score is out of one hundred and has taken into account 6 factors: marriage equality, sexual activity laws…

5 Shakespeare Quotes about Love for your Wedding

Tuesday (March 27th, 2018) was World Theatre Day, and we thought what better way to celebrate than with some love quotes from William Shakespeare’s plays. Poems and readings make great additions to a wedding but there’s also room to include some romantic Shakespearean quotes on your invitations, on your personalised wedding website or even as table centrepieces at your wedding breakfast or reception.
Shakespeare’s words about love and marriage aren’t just deeply moving, they’re also timeless. Adding a touch of sophistication, charm and emotion to your ceremony, the bard’s take on love, relationships and marriage should be easily recognisable to your guests, too.  There are so many plays and sonnets to choose from but we’ve picked some of our favourites from Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Love’s Labours Lost, The Tempest and, of course, Romeo and Juliet.
We’d love to hear what your favourites are. Or maybe you’re more of a Kit Marlowe fan?  Did you incorporate English literature in…

Gay Wedding Readings: How to Pick the Best One

Choosing a reading for a gay wedding can be tough.  Whether you want a short poem for your lesbian ceremony or a quirky non-secular take on your same-sex relationship, it’s a big deal.

Maybe you want something humorous, too? Something profound? Something that won't put your guests to sleep. 
The English language is awash with poems about love and marriage, pithy observations about life as a couple, advice on relationships (conventional or otherwise), and romantic tracts on what it means to love someone unconditionally.
Straight couples have it easier here.  Most traditional wedding readings are well, traditional: him and her, he and she.  But if you’re finding that your favourite wedding readings are more skewed towards a heterosexual audience, then you can always mix up the pronouns: him and her to him and him, he and she to she and she.

What is a wedding reading?
A reading is a written piece that’s spoken aloud during the ceremony.  Often it’s a poem or a psalm, a few paragraphs f…

Suntans & Instagrams: New Research Reveals Modern Day Bride Worries

We’re really grateful to for sharing the results of their recent survey of 2,000 brides with us, but isn’t it a shame that so many women worry unnecessarily about their wedding day?
We’d love to know what you think about the numbers below.  Did you suffer from any jitters before your ceremony? If not, how did you cope with anxiety both in the lead-up to your wedding and on the day itself? 

Findings released today from confirm the nation’s biggest wedding worries. Hitched asked over 2,000 brides what they found themselves worrying about ahead of their big day to reveal the UK’s modern bridal worries from social media, to tanning and drunken family members.
The number one worry for nearly three quarters (69%) of brides is the way they will look in their wedding photos. Younger brides worry about this 25% more than older brides, with almost four in five younger brides worrying about the way they will look.

The top 10 biggest bridal worries according to the new h…