Should I Propose at Christmas? (Spoiler Alert: Probably Not)

There’s something relentlessly optimistic about the festive season: the gathering of family and friends, the gift-giving and peace-and-good-will-to-all-men shtick.

It’s probably the proximity to New Year, too, and all those resolutions and promises for a fresh start.

SO many Christmas films have proposals in them, too. 

And what greater gift could there be than an engagement over the festive period?


It’s easy to get carried away in the spirit of things but Christmas engagements aren’t always a great idea.  And if you have to ask should I propose at Christmas, then the answer is probably no.

According to a survey by event company Chili Sauce, men seem to like proposing on Christmas Eve (woman aren’t quite so keen).

Guess you lucky lesbians are off the hook…

Only you know whether or not it’s the right time to propose to your partner but here’s why we think you should be careful.

1.  Don’t propose just because it’s Christmas.  Propose because you want to, because you think your partner will say yes, and because it’s the right thing to do.  Don’t do it because you’re suddenly overtaken by the urge to make a grand gesture.  If in doubt, then don’t propose at all.

2.   Don’t do it drunk.  There’s nothing wrong with a little Dutch courage but you shouldn’t be steaming when you get down on one knee.  This is a special moment so celebrate afterwards with alcohol by all means, but don’t do it tanked.

3.  Christmas can seem like rent-a-crowd but don’t use it as an excuse for an audience.  Popping the question in the middle of Christmas dinner might seem romantic but there’s always the risk that the other person will say no.  That’ll go down at the table like a lead sprout.  If you are going to propose at Christmas, then think about whether you really need an audience.

4.   Getting engaged shouldn’t be something that happens in lieu of a gift.  If you haven’t bought a present and this is the present idea that you had instead, put the brakes on. 

5.  Getting engaged at Christmas is a cliché and that’s fine if you’re both really into it but actually, an engagement is personal: it’s a deep commitment worth celebrating independently from public holidays.  It might be tempting to think that Christmas adds a bit of glamour and extra celebration but really, all it does is take off some sheen.  Save your proposal for an ordinary day when you can savour it and (years later) celebrate it for what it was. 

If you’re serious about proposing to your partner this Christmas, then don’t let this post put you off.  Christmas can be a wonderful time to propose but only if you’ve thought about it carefully, and if it’s something you’re actually, genuinely serious about.

January is traditionally a very depressing month, so if you’re not 100% sure about your Christmas proposal then why not push things back a little.  Add a little sparkle into the start of 2020 by leaving Christmas for presents, parties and mince pies, and keep the proposals for later.  

For all those who did bite the diamond bullet and propose over Christmas - congratulations! 

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