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Converting Civil Partnerships to Marriages

Civil partnerships have risen for the first time since 2013 , that’s according to the Office for National Statistics. Civil partnerships have been legal in the UK since 2005 but had  declined in popularity following the introduction of same-sex marriage . They're currently  only available to same-sex couples. The Government is considering scrapping them entirely. Couples with a civil partnership do have the option to “convert” their partnership into a marriage. Whether a couple chooses to convert or not is a decision that should be made based on personal preference.   Civil partnerships should not be seen as marriage-lite although, to many couples, there's something about being 'married' that makes it all feel a little more official.  If a couple is looking to convert to marriage, then we'd recommend visiting the Government's website for up-to-date information and locations of registry offices and the associated costs.  Th

Wedding Open Day: The Oxfordshire in Thame

Looking for a wedding venue in or around Thame? The Oxfordshire is a superb venue with stunning views of the Chiltern Hills, and they’re hosting a wedding open day on Wednesday, October 18th 2017 , between 5pm and 8pm, so if you’re in the area don’t miss the chance to pop in and talk to their experienced wedding staff. The Oxfordshire has a range of wedding packages available including late-availability dates. The Oxfordshire is able to accommodate 180 guests , and there’s an on-site spa and golf club, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied in the run up to the big day, too.   You can find out more information on the website 

Should You Elope?

The average UK wedding is now £27,000 . It’s a lot of money to spend on a single day, so it's understandable that couples are choosing to get married further away than the local registry office.  Some couples will choose a destination wedding .  Others will choose to elope .  But it isn't always about the money.  Some couples don't want the fuss of a wedding. Others might find it too stressful to cut the guest list down. For many, eloping is seen as romantic and exciting.  The UK wedding industry is worth an eye-watering 10 billion pounds annually , and isn't there just something wonderfully rebellious about deciding to run away and do something secret, something small?  But modern elopements don't have to mean that close family and friends can't be there, too.  Why not have the best of both worlds: an intimate ceremony surrounded by immediate family and closest friends.  Elopements might be popular with couples but they won't

Wedding Fayres: How to Make the Most Out of Them

You’ve got the ring on your finger and a Pinterest board with more pins than a Soviet lapel, so n ow it’s time to take your wedding aspirations on the road and visit a wedding fayre. Some people swear by them.   Others prefer to plan from the comfort of their computer and to visit vendors and venues by appointment.  If that's your thing, then don't forget to take a look at the Pink Wedding Days directory.  It's aimed at same-sex couples , but you don't have to be LGBTQ to use it.  We've got some fantastic wedding venues and service providers from all over the United Kingdom.  But it is worth attending at least one wedding fayre just so you’re sure which camp you fall into.  If nothing else, you’ll enjoy an afternoon out and get to see the latest wedding trends. There’s also the chance to have a nose around potential venues and speak to local vendors and service providers. It’s all in the name of research and there’s often a glass of

Germany Celebrates First Same-Sex Marriage

Huge congratulations to Karl Kreile and Bodo Mende!   They’re the first same-sex couple to get married in Germany.  The two men have been together  for thirty-eight years. Civil partnerships have been legal in Germany since 2001 , but the country’s parliament only voted to allow gay marriage in June 2017. A number of German registry offices opened specially on Sunday so that same-sex couples could marry on the day it became law.  Campaigners have fought hard to bring equal marriage to Germany, and, certainly for Karl Kreile and Bodo Mende, thirty-eight years is a long time to have to wait to get married.  But it does show how quickly things can change once politicians put aside their personal and political biases.   And better late than never so  Glückwünsche! to all couples now able to start planning their big day.

Civil Partnerships Up by 3.4%

The number of civil partnerships that took place last year has risen for the first time since 2013, that’s according to figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). It was an increase of 3.4%. London saw the highest rate of new civil partnerships. Same-sex marriage has been responsible for the decline in civil unions with many gay couples now opting for the former.    The ONS described those who chose civil partnership s as being a “minority of same-sex couples” The increase isn’t much but it is interesting. The Government had previously suggested that it might scrap civil partnerships entirely.  One reason for this was that they aren't popular enough. These latest statistics could be useful for those campaigning for heterosexual civil partnerships. But it’s not all good news.  The ONS also revealed a rise in the number of dissolutions: 1,313 and the highest number recorded since 2005. You can find out more abou