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Unplugged Weddings: Should You Have One?

Unplugged Weddings: Should You Have One? An unplugged wedding is asking guests to turn off any electronic devices  for the duration of  your ceremony .  Yep, that includes iPhones, iPads, all other smartphones, cameras...  Why?  For the same reason, you switch off your phone at the theatre, because technology is awesome but it’s also annoying and distracting.   We’ve all sat behind THAT wedding guest: the one filming the ceremony on a screen the size of a small family car.   Social media is a big part of this problem. It encourages EVERYONE to share EVERYTHING , and weddings are fertile ground for that: the outfits, the decor, the emotion, the boozy reception and the romance of it all.    But yes, telling guests to put their phones and cameras away is stage management: couples wanting their day to be perfect, to be entirely about them, the  need to be THE centre of attention),  BUT  it’s also about putting a ring fence around the mo

Personal Wedding Websites: What Are They and Should You Have One?

Personal Wedding Websites: What Are They and Should You Build One? What is a personal wedding website?  A personal wedding website is where guests can access information about your wedding day.  It's especially useful if you're getting married abroad or if you're inviting out-of-town guests.  Often password protected, it gives details too lengthy to include on paper invitations.  A personal wedding website  SHOULD reduce the number of housekeeping questions you'll get asked in the run-up to the big day. There's often the option for guests to RSVP, too. The details you use will depend on how much relevant information you have to share.  If you're having a destination wedding, for example, then you may want to include flight and accommodation options.  Wedding websites are useful even if your wedding is local. G uests should  appreciate the heads-up and that way they can make better choices in advance of the big day. 

Creating the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Day

Creating the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Day Creating the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Day When it comes to your wedding, understandably you want everything to go exactly to plan. From the outfit to the catering to th e rings, decoration and photography , there is lots to think about and even more to organise. However, one thing that you definitely don’t want to miss out on is the venue itself. The venue that you choose has the ability to influence the majority of your day as a whole. From providing the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos to wowing your guests as they arrive, finding your dream wedding venue is undeniably essential. So, since this is such an important part of your special day, how should you go about ensuring you make the right choice? How to Pick Your Wedding Venue There are many factors that you must consider when you begin searching for your wedding venue. Of course, some couples prefer to go in blind and just set up viewings