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Askham Hall in Cumbria: £2,000 Off Barn Weddings on Selected Spring Dates in 2019

Take £2,000 off the price of hiring Bank Barn on selected spring 2019 dates!
Askham Hall near Penrith in Cumbria is one of our favourite wedding venues and within its gorgeous grounds is a Grade II listed barn with bare stone walls, an open beamed oak ceiling and a very warm welcome. 
It’s pure wedding aesthetic.
The capacity of the barn is 156 seated with up to 200 guests for the evening.
Included in the fee for the barn are circular tables each seating 10 people. A trestle top table, chairs, linen tablecloths, napkins, crockery, cutlery and glasses are included, too.
There are 18 individually styled bedrooms available and the rate includes breakfast.Use of the Scandinavian spa with heated outdoor pool, hot tub, sauna, treatment room and private gardens are also available for guests staying over.
Askham Hall has an amazing offer on right now: Take £2,000 off the price of hiring Bank Barn on these spring 2019 dates: Saturday 2nd, 16th and 30th of March and  Saturday the 6th and 13 of April

Planning a Gay Wedding: 5 Practical Tips for Your Ceremony

1.First-look photographs are a fantastic idea. Unless you’re super superstitious (do any of us really believe that seeing your partner on the day of the wedding is bad luck?) waiting to see your partner at the altar is an old tradition that has little to no relevance in the modern wedding and first-look photographs often provide real emotion and provide fantastic keepsakes – usually overshadowing the more posed photographs from later in the day.

2.It often takes more than a man to raise a bride or groom and mothers have been left out of heterosexual weddings for too long! Invite both parents to walk you down the aisle or if that’s not suitable or possible then ask close friends, family members or anyone in your life that deserves a spot by your side. Men, we are talking to you, too!  The entrance is such a touching moment and it’s a beautiful way of honouring those you love whilst having a bit of support as you walk towards your partner.

Or why not walk down the aisle with your partner

5 Tips on Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding venues are often a couple’s biggest expense.  In the UK, the average cost of hiring a ceremony and/or reception space is £4,354. Some couples choose their wedding venue solely based on a feeling when they walk in.  Others have an eye on the budget.  Perhaps you prefer to have a check-list of non-negotiables, allowing you to weed out the unsuitable and the ugly.  If you’re choosing a destination wedding, then the venue might need to be part of a package.
No one said planning nuptials was easy, but it’s worth spending time and effort to find the right place: one that works for you, your partner and your guests.  Fortunately, we’ve had a little think for you and are on hand to offer our top-five tips for securing the wedding venue of your dreams.
Crunch Your Numbers
We’ve always said that wedding planning is a marathon not a sprint. Initially, it’s important to keep an open mind and to plan in broad strokes gaining a general idea of what it is you both might like. That being said,

Paris: The City of Love as an LGBTQ Honeymoon Destination

What’s the most romantic cityin the world?

Most people will say Paris even if they’ve never been there. They’ll say it even if they’re single or if they despise romance because it’s an opinion transformed into fact by its re-telling.  

Whether or not you think that Paris is THE city of love, it’s believed to be true by the countless couples who add their padlocks to the railings on the Pont Des Arts. And isn’t French known as the language of love? The cuisine is often the first port-of-call for those looking for a romantic meal and what of the cosy cobblestone streets of Montmartre? Paris is a city made for handholding, for sunset cruises, for champagne and croissants by the river and for proposals and for love. Of course, we couldn’t possibly comment on the reputation of the French as exception lovers; we’ll leave that one to your imaginations (or experience).

There’s no doubt that Paris is a popular honeymoon destination but how safe and how suitable is it for same-sex couples?

In 2018,…