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White weddings are past their peak – but no peeking at the dress is still a top tradition

Survey shows white dresses are on the way out – but not all traditions are being lost The tradition of the white wedding is at risk, a recent survey has revealed, with almost 40% of Brits agreeing that the bride wearing a white dress is the British wedding custom most under threat of disappearing.   Despite the cultural heritage of the royal wedding earlier this year, a whopping 83% of the British public feel that our wedding traditions are being challenged.  Whilst the colour of the dress is being called into question, the tradition around the bridal gown is still seen as an incredibly important part of any wedding day. The groom not seeing the dress before the ceremony was cited as the most important by 34% of respondents.  The tradition of the groom not seeing the dress came about long ago, when arranged marriage was still the norm in Britain. Interestingly, younger respondents feel more strongly about this than older respondents – 39% of those

Hong Kong Visa Victory for LGBT Couples

Hong Kong will recognise same-sex partnerships when processing dependent visa applications from foreign couples. The Government announced the news on Tuesday.  It comes months after a court ruled in favour of British lesbian, QT, who argued that the Government’s refusal to recognise civil partnerships and gay marriages when authorising spousal visas was discriminatory.   QT had entered into a civil union back home in the UK but found on applying to join her partner in Hong Kong that her application was denied as her legal marital status was not recognised. Homosexuality was legalised in Hong Kong in 1991 , but LGBTQ campaigners say that little else has been done to advance homosexual rights and are encouraging the Government to continue to implement real change.  Unsurprisingly, the decision to recognise overseas same-sex marriages and civil unions has been backed by many of the financial institutions operating in Hong Kong.  They’ve argued that the new poli

India Overturns Ban on Homosexual Sex

India’s Supreme Court has ruled that the country’s ban on same-sex relationships is both discriminatory and unconstitutional.   That single decision brought to an end Section 377: a colonial-era statute introduced under British rule in 1861 classing homosexuality as ‘carnal intercourse’ and, therefore, illegal.  Homosexual was previously decriminalised in 2009 by Delhi’s High Court but the decision was overturned in 2013. With a population of over 1.35 billion people , India’s Government told the Supreme Court back in 2012 that there were 2.5 million gay people living in the country but the actual figure is likely to be far, far higher. Once the decision was announced there were celebrations across India and jubilant scenes in Bangalore and Mumbai but campaigners are more than aware of the long road ahead of them.  It’s a sobering prospect: promoting LGBTQ rights in a socially conservative country where homosexuality is deemed morally abhorrent. But Section 37

Stonehouse Court in Gloucestershire: Gorgeous Wedding Venue

Stonehouse Court sits inside 6 acres of gorgeous grounds with a stunning view of the Stroud Valley.   As a wedding venue, it’s superb. You’ll only need to explore the website and see the photography: this manor house is easy to fall in love with and hard to forget.  Exclusive use of the property is available for couples or it’s possible to hire the private wedding suite which boasts its own gardens, toilets and bar.  The hotel has an award-winning restaurant and 36 bedrooms making it the ideal place for your guests to stay once the marital festivities are over. There's a real sense of seclusion here. Surrounded by gardens and with views of the lush gorgeous Gloucestershire countryside ,  it's easy to forget that Stone House Court has superb transport links meaning that no matter where in the UK or the world your guests are coming from, they'll be able to arrive comfortably and at their own leisure.  In the summer months, guests can say their vows under