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Confetti inspiration to brighten your wedding day

Confetti is so much more than just cheap pieces of paper in a carton from a card shop. These flower petals are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for any summer wedding. Thanks to Shropshire Petals for sharing this post with us. The British summer is not what it used to be, but even if its miserable and cloudy on your special day, you can always rely on confetti to brighten it up! The confetti photo is guaranteed to be one of your favourites from your wedding day as it is the one where you will be natural and not posing for the photo.  Make a real statement with your confetti photo by choosing brightly coloured summer inspired confetti.   Shropshire Petals  share their top 5 mixes for this season. August Mix of the Month Shropshire Petals have a special confetti mix every month to show just how creative and unique you can make your confetti.   Using their pick and mix tool, you can select different colours and petal types to m

Late-Night Wedding Munchies by Karen Kemp, Kemp & Kemp Catering

  Karen from Kemp and Kemp Catering has some fantastic ideas here on how to keep your guests well fed and fired up for the evening.  When the cake has been cut, the dancing is underway and the party is in full swing, your revellers will start to get peckish again. Avoid a predictable buffet table , and use this as another opportunity to wow your guests with a bit of fun food theatre. Why not pick up a culinary theme from your shared past. Did y ou live in Singapore , study in Germany or travel in India together? This is a good opportunity to introduce food you may have avoided at the wedding breakfast for fear of scaring the grannies, but you can happily serve at this point. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; sometimes the simplest ideas are the best received. Carbs are your friend , so avoid fiddly, fussy salads and go for hearty comfort food with an element of down-to-earth fun to combat the late-night munchies. Make it easy to pick up and go , and yo

Wedding Venues: Decorating a Village Hall

Lindsey Hunter of Get  Knotted has some fantastic tips on how to decorate a village hall, and we just had to share them.  If you're interested in how Lindsey made the beautiful  greenery table garlands , then you'll find her how-to guide at the bottom of this post.  Decorating a Village Hall Deciding how to decorate your venue is an exciting yet daunting prospect. Different types of venues will require different decorations. If you are having your reception at a manor house, you could add details to complement the existing décor, whereas you have a blank canvas when it comes to decorating a marquee or barn, but how do you decorate a village hall? Village halls are perfect for holding your wedding reception; they tend to be very spacious with high ceilings, which are great for adding details to. However, with all that space , it can be difficult to envisage how you want it to look.   Lindsey Hunter has recently decorated and styled a

Avoid Brexit and Seduce a European

We couldn't resist sharing this with you.  The holidays are now upon us and for those of you lucky enough to be heading to Europe this summer it could be the time to brush up on your language skills ( your wooing skills, too). The lovely people at Elite Singles sent us this handy guide to Europe's favourite romantic nicknames .  As the news storm of Brexit continues to thunder on, an escape from the UK is beginning to look very appealing to many who voted to remain in the EU. If you’re holidaying in Europe this summer, seducing a European could be your way out. If you use the most popular local nickname whilst flirting, it may lead to something more... In our new international survey,  EliteSingles   asked 7780 singles from 14 European countries their favourite romantic nicknames. Pick up the locals with these popular terms of endearment: French: Mon   cœur   (My heart) Swedes: Älskling (Honey) Norwegians: Kjaer (Dear) Finns: Kulta (Gold) Dane

Newlyweds are Charged Double the Amount for Event Services at Their Wedding

New research conducted by a professional services marketplace has discovered that newlyweds are being quoted twice as much by wedding service providers , compared to general event providers.  Geography also plays a part with quotes coming in 21% higher across London and the South East compared to the rest of the UK with the North-East being the least expensive . According to recent research, the average cost of a British wedding is now £20,500* , with a fifth of people, admitting they borrow money to fund their big day.   As a nationwide marketplace for local professional services,  wanted to analyse the cost of a range of services, in a bid to find out whether or not services were differently priced when specifically for weddings. Analysing its database of event and wedding photographers, caterers and music entertainment providers , discovered that wedding-specific quotes from its service providers were, on average, twice as muc