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The Notice Period For Marriage is Changing

From March 2nd 2015, the notice period for marriage is changing.  We've put together a quick fire guide to explain the what , the when and the why . It's not a massive change, but it does affect everyone. Understanding the legal side to wedding planning is both necessary and bum-numbingly dull. But it is important. It's more important than seating plans, guest lists and chocolate fountains , and it's definitely more important that cataloging your iTunes library into first dance mix-tapes . What's happening? Currently, couples have to give at least 14 days notice before the wedding. This is as true of civil ceremonies as it is marriage or civil partnership. You can't just turn up and get married on the day.  From March 2nd 2015, this is being extended to 28 day s notice. Again, this applies to civil and religious ceremonies as well as civil partnerships.  Okay, what if I'm getting married BEFORE March 2nd 2015? It&#

Bridwell Park - Top 10 Wedding Trends 2015

1. Drone wedding photos and videos Get a fresh new angle on your big day by taking advantage of new drone technology. The aerial camera can allow you to get creative and make sure that no one is left out of your wedding snaps (there is always one). Reaching new heights, the drone will also allow you even more opportunity to make sure that your fab wedding location is captured in all its glory. The grounds here at Bridwell would make the perfect backdrop, with over 100 acres of 18th-century parkland, woodland and an ornamental lake. Think it’ll cost you the earth, think again - a good drone will set you back as little as £75. 2. Would you App-reciate some help? Staying with the technology theme and really showing off your technical savvy – apps can help the busiest bride-to-be stay on track, as well as giving you some priceless inspiration. TaskRabbit can link you with people in your area who have the experience, or sim

Steal These Wedding Traditions For Your Big Day

Tradition is becoming less, well , traditional. Thankfully, much of what was once marriage lore is now entirely optional . This is especially true for gay couples who, let's face it, have only had a year at this marriage business. Until the mid-nineties, even opposite-sex couples only had the option of a ceremony in a church or registry office. We take it for granted now, but there used to be some serious restrictions in the wedding industry. White dresses, bridesmaids, best man, fruit cake, confetti, garters, speeches, sit down meals blah-blah... There wasn't much that set weddings apart, not really. Think back to some of the weddings that you might have attended in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Of course, disposable income does play a role in this, too, but it's fair to say that modern marriages start off with ceremonies that reflect the freedom of our time. Get married in a zoo dressed as Adam Ant if you fancy it. Have a celebrant on a unicycle if that floats your b

Leo Varadkar Comes Out on Irish Radio

The Irish Minister for Heath has announced he's gay on Irish morning radio.  Leo Varadkar , who is a member of the Fine Gael Party, wanted the public announcement to highlight that, as a minister, he, too,  is impacted by current laws prohibiting equality in Ireland: equal marriage; blood donation etc. Both these things will feature on the Irish political agenda for 2015. In May, the Irish public will vote in a referendum that will decide whether the country legalises gay marriage. Mr Varadkar admits that his decision to come out publically will reflect in his support for the yes campaign. Additionally, he said that, whilst he was not frightened about coming out, he was worried that he had now made a target of himself.  We'll have an expanded post on this tomorrow. You can listen to the broadcast on the RTE website.

Stephen Fry has married Elliot Spencer

Stephen Fry  has married fiancee, Elliot Spencer, at a small private ceremony in Dereham, Norfolk.  The pair, who had only recently announced their engagement, broke the news via   Fry's Twitter page.  We'll update this post as soon as there are more details.  In the meantime, we'd like to wish them both our very best . There's been so much violence, sadness and anger in the news recently that it's lovely to see two people in love getting hitched.  Congratulations to them and to everyone else who got married this weekend. 

Vietnam Lifts Gay Marriage Ban

Vietnam has lifted its ban on gay marriage. This isn't the same as making it legal. The Government will not recognise the marriage, and there will be  no legal protection in the event of a separation or in the death of a spouse. This is good news, however. Especially for Vietnamese same-sex couples and foreign LGBT tourists. Positive LGBT stories from South-East Asia can feel few and far between. Financially, the decision is a sound one. Like many countries, Vietnam wants more foreign tourists, and this isn't easy in a competitive region that includes Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia. Economically speaking, recent years have not been kind to Vietnam, and the country has few options if it is to set itself apart from its rivals. Tapping into the LGBT travel market  could be a shrewd move. Presently, homosexual relationships are illegal in Singapore, Burma and Malaysia and gay marriage is illegal in Cambodia, East Timor, Laos, Philippines and Thailand. So there's

Northern Ireland Faces High Court Challenge

Northern Ireland's marriage law will be challenged in Belfast high court this week. Northern Ireland is now the only part of the UK that does not recognise gay marriage. England and Wales welcomed its first gay marriages in March with Scotland having followed in December . Civil partnerships may have been legal in Northern Ireland since 2005, but, presently, there are no plans to introduce same-sex marriages. We reported last week that Amnesty International were planning to launch a legal bid, too. For many LGBT campaigners, the current lack of legislation contravenes both UK and European law. Equal marriage advocates believe very strongly that gay people should have the same legal rights as everyone else. One couple, however, are planning their own legal challenge. Married in England, but now living in Northern Ireland, the pair are not recognised as a married couple by the Northern Ireland Government. They believe this is unfair, and they are not alone. In February 20

Congratulations to Scotland, Luxembourg and Florida!

We've been away over the Christmas and New Year break, but marriage equality hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. Here's a quick rundown of what you might have missed over the festive period: 1. On December 31st, Scotland legalised gay marriage . Equal marital rights are now offered to both same and opposite-sex couples. Made minutes after midnight, one of the first ceremonies had Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, acting as a witness. 2. On January 1st, Luxembourg hosted its first gay wedding. Incidentally, the first couple married that day were also the first to enter into a civil partnership back in 2004. 3. Florida, too. On January 6th, it became the 36th US state to legalise same-sex marriage when the judicial bar that denied couples the right to marry, expired. 4. Cast your mind back before Christmas and you might remember that Elton John married his long-term partner David Furnish. Taking advantage of changes to the law, the couple conver