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Pink Wedding Days Directory

We thought that we’d put ourselves in the spotlight today. As you may know, Pink Wedding Days is our same-sex wedding directory and right here is our blog. On the blog, we tend to cover gay marriage and wedding related news from across the UK and around the world. We have a Twitter , Google+ and Facebook page, too.  Our blog has been going since March 2014, but Pink Wedding Days has actually been around since 2005 when the first civil partnerships took place. Gay marriage was legalised in the UK in March 2014, so there really is no distinction between two same-sex couples getting married or two opposite sex couples: it’s just, well, marriage. That being said, the change to the law didn’t suddenly eradicate homophobia or ignorance . In the same way that giving women the vote didn’t suddenly end gender inequality. Some couples may feel nervous when approaching venues or service providers, so we hope that our directory will help couples feel more at ea

PWD Roundup: Gillard Now Says Yes, Italy Struggles with Same-Sex Laws, and Uganda Could Make Adopting Orphans Harder

Former Prime Minister Has Change of Heart on Gay Marriage (Better Late Than Never?) Australia’s former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard , has said that she would now support same-sex marriage despite opposing it during her tenure as PM. Australia’s current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is against gay marriage and, like a true politician, won’t consider other opinions on the matter until after the 2016 election . It’s a shame that Julia Gillard couldn’t have had this change of heart when she had the power to do something about it. Helpfully, the BBC point out that 60 to 72% of Australians would be in favour of same-sex marriage . Italy Struggles to Pass Gay Right’s Laws There’s an interesting post in the FT today about how Italy is struggling to pass gay right’s laws including , obviously, one for same-sex marriage. Part of the problem in Italy appears to be its strong ties to Catholicism and what the FT calls “centre-right inertia”. Italy d

PWD Roundup: includes Mass Gay Wedding in Puerto Rico and Shoreham Air Crash Victim was Wedding Car Driver

Mass Gay Wedding Ceremony in Puerto Rico is a Success. Puerto Rico has held its first ever mass gay wedding . If you get the chance, you should take a look at the pictures accompanying the Huffington Post’s article on the ceremony. There’s so much joy, love and pride on the faces of those photographed and, of course, there’s the palpable relief at finally being allowed to marry legally. It's why same-sex marriage is worth fighting for. We reported a while back that Puerto Rico would be allowing gay marriage. Following the decision by the US Supreme Court back in June to lift the ban on gay marriage in the US (Puerto Rico is a United States Territory but is self-governing), it was hoped that same-sex marriage would be recognised on the island, too, and in July it was. Now, there’s been a mass wedding of 60 couples and the photographs released by LGBT Puerto Rico document this historical and very special occasion.  Congratulations!   OM N

Australia Will Have Same-Sex Marriage Vote (But Only If Abbott's Government Win)

Australia’s Prime Minister, Tony Abbott , opposes equal marriage .  As a proponent for social conservatism , his decision not to legalise same-sex marriage hasn’t always be popular, but it has been consistent.   As it happens, 2016 is an election year , and if there’s one thing certain to move a man’s conscience it’s answering to the voters. It’ll come as no surprise, therefore, to hear that Mr Abbott will call for a referendum on same-sex marriage , but only if his government remains in power.  Mr Abbott's position on gay marriage  could never last forever.  The Australian public appear to be largely in favour of same-sex marriage; a recent Ipsos poll (published by Fairfax Media) revealed 69% of those asked agreed it should be made legal. It's a shrewd move to promise a public vote, but it could be one that has come too late.  There’s encouraging news from inside the coalition, too. For the first time in Australian political history, a bill (cal

7 Tips For a Solid Wedding Speech

Public speaking  is hard; it’s hard because we’re rarely called upon to do it, and it's not easy to stand up in front of people and, well, start talking.   Most of us certainly wouldn't volunteer to do it but then, oh-holy-crap , someone decides to get  married  and they want you to give a  speech .  I say this from experience: if the thought of  public speaking  terrifies you, you're not alone.  Two years ago, my best friend asked if I'd give a speech at her  wedding reception . This was halfway through her hen do: two weeks before the big day. I said yes, but, if i'm completely honest, it probably had more to do with the champagne cocktail in my hand (and in my liver) than anything else.  Still, the reality of giving the  speech  was far less terrifying than I’d imagined it would be. It wasn’t the brown trouser moment I’d envisaged, and I actually ended up enjoying it. The key to a good wedding speech is in the preparation you’l

Changing Wedding Dress Styles

The dress worn by Diana at her wedding to Prince Charles on July 29 th 1981 is perhaps one of the most iconic bridal gowns of the last century.  In fact, it was 34 years ago last week that a nervous Diana , near swaddled in ivory taffeta and lace, revealed her wedding dress to the world. And we’re still talking about it today. Proving that when a gown captures the public imagination, it can often end up outlasting the marriage it was made for.  Having the right dress has always been important, but keeping an eye on current and upcoming trends isn’t just for the royals and celebrities. Fashion dictates from the top down, and you can bet that if the fashionistas are wearing it then eventually we'll be wearing it, too. And it’s easy to forget how quickly and how completely  dress design can  change decade to decade.  So, if you fancy taking a trip down memory-aisle, then there’s a great infographic on the evolution of dress design from the peo