PWD Roundup: includes Mass Gay Wedding in Puerto Rico and Shoreham Air Crash Victim was Wedding Car Driver

Mass Gay Wedding Ceremony in Puerto Rico is a Success.

Puerto Rico has held its first ever mass gay wedding. If you get the chance, you should take a look at the pictures accompanying the Huffington Post’s article on the ceremony. There’s so much joy, love and pride on the faces of those photographed and, of course, there’s the palpable relief at finally being allowed to marry legally. It's why same-sex marriage is worth fighting for.

We reported a while back that Puerto Rico would be allowing gay marriage. Following the decision by the US Supreme Court back in June to lift the ban on gay marriage in the US (Puerto Rico is a United States Territory but is self-governing), it was hoped that same-sex marriage would be recognised on the island, too, and in July it was.

Now, there’s been a mass wedding of 60 couples and the photographs released by LGBT Puerto Rico document this historical and very special occasion. 



The rather amusingly named NOM or National Organisation for Marriage has lost a six-year legal battle to keep its list of financial backers secret. The group has been forced to hand over its 2009 donor list thereby revealing the identities of its Catholic backers.

This is despite the fact NOM have always maintained that they're non-religious. NOM have been among the most vocal proponants for maintaining the ban on same-sex marriage and have been somewhat controversial in their methods“The strategic goal of the project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks - two key Democratic constituencies.” was taken from one of their leaked memos. 

One Catholic group who made substantial donations to NOM is the, rather entertainingly named, Knights of Columbus (you can read more about them here). 

They had argued that hanging over a list of their financial backers was unconstitutional, but have had to concede to the law. 

Michegan Same-Sex Marriage Campaigners Tie the Knot

Marriage isn’t just about a ceremony and a ring. For many same-sex couples it’s the only way that the trappings of a relationship can be protected by law: children, pensions, savings accounts, next-of-kin etc. Nowhere is this clearer than in the case of April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, from Michigan.

In 2012, they sued the state of Michigan for its ban on gay marriage when they realised they did not have full rights over their four children.

Two of the children are biologically April’s and the other two are biologically Jayne’s, but as far as they, and the children, are concerned the children are equally both of theirs. The problem is, however, that were one of them to die then the remaining partner would not legally be entitled to keep their late partner’s children regardless of how long the couple have been together or how well the children know the other parent. This was a terrifying proposition for both women and it formed the basis of their challenge against the state.

Well, finally, following the lifting of the ban on gay marriage, the couple have just celebrated their wedding. They aren’t just declaring their love for one another, but they’re safeguarding the future of their children, too.

We wish them all the happiness in the many years ahead of them


The video footage of the Shoreham Airshow disaster is hard to watch, and it now looks like one of the crash victims was the driver of a wedding car en route to pick a bride up for her ceremony. When the driver failed to arrive, the bride was taken to the church by the photographer and didn't give it another thought until later when she saw the news. Their driver had been killed when a Hawker Hunter hit the A27 during an acrobatic maneuver in West Sussex.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected. 

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