Creating the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Day

Creating the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Day

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Creating the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to your wedding, understandably you want everything to go exactly to plan. From the outfit to the catering to the rings, decoration and photography, there is lots to think about and even more to organise. However, one thing that you definitely don’t want to miss out on is the venue itself.
The venue that you choose has the ability to influence the majority of your day as a whole. From providing the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos to wowing your guests as they arrive, finding your dream wedding venue is undeniably essential. So, since this is such an important part of your special day, how should you go about ensuring you make the right choice?
How to Pick Your Wedding Venue
There are many factors that you must consider when you begin searching for your wedding venue. Of course, some couples prefer to go in blind and just set up viewings left, right and centre, but the majority will do some research and set out a rough budget before getting to this stage. However you choose to approach it, though, the fact remains that you will need to pick out and book your chosen venue before you can do much else when it comes to wedding planning. Your choice of venue will dictate your guest list, decorations, catering and entertainment, so it’s vital to get it right.
Here are a few factors that you will need to take into consideration:
  • Budget – Boring as it may seem, it’s important to set yourself a budget before committing to anything. Going over-budget can have significant knock-on effects for other parts of your wedding, so it’s vital to ensure that you don’t go overboard
  • Location Whether you’re staying close to home or looking to travel a little further afield to tie the knot, this is one of the first decisions you need to make. For instance, if you live in Glasgow, you could look for wedding venues both in the city and in the surrounding countryside to find your perfect match
  • Size No matter if you are planning an intimate wedding or a large family affair, make sure to pick a venue with the capacity to easily accommodate all of your guests
  • Facilities – From catering to professional wedding planners to a spa or hotel accommodation for those travelling in from further afield, don’t forget to check your venue has all the additional facilities you require before you book

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How to Decorate Your Wedding Venue
Once you’ve chosen your dream wedding venue, then comes the fun part! The way in which you choose to decorate your wedding venue will likely speak volumes about your personalities, as well as providing the perfect backdrop for the special occasion. If you have decided to go with a themed wedding, this is the ideal opportunity to really get stuck in and get creative, making sure your decorations remain in keeping with your chosen theme. Of course, some couples will prefer a much more classic, traditional d├ęcor scheme, but for others, this is a great chance to let their unique personality shine through. If you’re feeling a little stuck for inspiration, the venue may have someone on hand who can help you out, or alternatively, get busy browsing the internet and your favourite wedding magazines to get some ideas!

At the end of the day, finding your dream wedding venue is an incredibly personal thing. A venue that one couple may love could be the exact opposite of what another couple are looking for, so it’s essential to follow your heart and trust your instincts above all else.
That being said, the most important part of any wedding is the union of two people who love each other – don’t forget the real reason for the occasion when you’re in the middle of the wedding planning process.

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