Getting Married Abroad (via Pink Lobster Dating)

File:Palm trees at sunset.jpgIf you're looking to marry abroad, then our latest post for Pink Lobster Dating might be of interest. You can find it here and you don't even need to be a lesbian to read it as the same rules on weddings apply to all couples: gay, lesbian or straight (in countries where same-sex marriage is legal).

The one thing that we really wanted to get across in the post was RESEARCH. Don't assume that marrying in an EU country will be any easier than marrying in Argentina (it isn't). There are all kinds of different issues about residency and if you get them wrong, they could stop you from having a ceremony at all. Make sure you know the legal requirements inside out and back-to-front. Use local contacts too, as these are invaluable resources who will have up-to-date knowledge on any changes or exceptions that might apply to you or your partner.

Not that an overseas wedding isn't worth the effort. It's an adventure: something different, something more exotic than a wedding over here, and the sooner that equal marriage comes into effect elsewhere, the more choice of destinations they'll be for couples.

Let's not forget civil partnerships, as they're now accepted in a much wider range of places and they carry less paperwork and fewer residency requirements.

If you're interested, then make sure that you keep watching out for our part II post that'll be coming soon. We'll be taking a look at some of the frillier bits of marriage abroad: how to get your wedding outfits overseas, a look at climate and wedding planning tips.

Click here to read pt 1

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