10 Things You Need On Your Wedding Morning – By Tammy Madge, Owner of Manor By The Lake

Today, we're handing the blog over to The Manor By The Lake, Cheltenham Spa, and this outstanding venue really does have to be seen to be believed.

They know their stuff about weddings, too, and we're fortunate enough to benefit from that experience with 10 Things You Need On Your Wedding Morning.

The morning of your wedding can be super stressful so ensure that you are ready beforehand and fully prepared for anything that might come your way. Below is a quick list:

1. Breakfast
Start the day off right and have a light healthy breakfast, it's important that you don’t skip any meals. You don’t want to feel faint or light headed!

2. Timings
Make sure everyone knows timings of things throughout the day – especially anyone coming to do your hair or make-up! The wedding party has to be ready in time – only you can be a little late – on purpose!

3. Emergency Survival Kit 
Be prepared for an outfit or beauty related problem! Have an emergency kit which includes any make-up,
hair pins, safety pins, powder, aspirin, tissues – everything! You will also be drinking champagne while getting ready so bring a toothbrush or chewing gum for just before the ceremony.

4. Sewing Kit

Lets hope you won’t need this but ensure you have a sewing kit in case of any emergencies with your outfit!

5. Footwear
Wearing the same shoes all day can be really painful, so pack some options and have a back up pair! Also don’t forget blister plasters and shoe inserts– hopefully you won’t need them but always better to be safe than sorry!

6. Music
While getting ready create a playlist. You might want a romantic, relaxed atmosphere or a party upbeat mix. Whatever you fancy, music creates the perfect atmosphere to build yourself up for your big day!

7. Gift for your partner
Why not write your partner a hand written note or buy them a little sentimental gift and get it delivered to them that morning? The little things are always the ones that matter most.

8. Bridesmaids & Best Men
Make sure your team know the arrangements of the day. Give them things to look after and delegate! You have chosen them because they are closest to you so if you’re feeling a tad nervous, speak to them about it!

9. Photographer
Make sure you go over details with the photographer. Tell them exactly what kind of pictures you want and where. You don’t want to get stressed during the day so just double check with them beforehand.

10. Champers!
It’s your big day so sit back, relax and have a glass of champagne. Finally, pass this list to one of your wedding party so they can ensure it’s all ticked off!

Manor by the Lake is a stunning exclusive hire-wedding venue in spectacular grounds in the beautiful Cotswolds. Bursting with character and charm, the manor has 12 individually designed guest rooms featuring four-poster beds and en-suites with freestanding baths. Set in seven acres of award-winning gardens, the Manor benefits from its own private lake; Italian walled garden, woodland paths and perfectly manicured lawns. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary! For more information please visit www.manorbythelake.co.uk or call: 01242 802765

Article written by Tammy Madge, owner of  Manor By The Lake.

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