Wedding Diary from Fabriano

Don't you just love it when something drops into your inbox at exactly the right time

It makes a change from Russian webcam girls (Love you really, Natalya) and PPI spam.

The office is going to be pretty quiet next week. We'll still be checking emails, Facebook and Twitter, but we won't have chance to post anything new. 

Cue a lot of scratting around trying to find something to use.  Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know, we bang on about how important wedding organisation is and then we leave a wedding post to the last minute...

We get a lot of press releases and, most of the time, they're either unsuitable or just not in keeping with the blog. It's difficult to know what to pass on when you don't have the product yourself. 

And the wedding industry is very effective when it comes to taking your money. Having your perfect day can ( and often does) come at a premium. If you're familiar with some of the stuff of Etsy, then you'll know what we mean. That's not to say that your wedding isn't worth the money, but that the industry has a way of selling an ideal that can be both expensive and unecessary.

Of course, there are lots of lovely things, too. It's about putting your sensible hat on and understanding that you're not Gollum chasing after precious and pretty things. You're an intelligent human being who won't be manipulated by twee, cutesy or "must have" add-ons that add up to the GDP of a small nation.

Wedding planning life is no different to real real-life. I guess the point is to be careful and sensible.

But then it is your wedding day, and there are some things that are particular to wedding planning. That's why when we recieved this email from Fabriano, we thought we'd pass it on to you guys. Not because we're getting anything out of it, but because sometimes it does make sense to have a seperate wedding diary. There is a hell of a lot to remember when planning a wedding - legal stuff, too. It's important to have somewhere to keep everything together. We were impressed to hear that Fabriano have been making paper since the 13th century. So, it's not just a diary but a genuinely lovely, professional addition to your wedding prep.

We'd just like to point out that there are other ways of planning your wedding on paper: spreadsheets, colourful notepaper; word processors, and on the back of damp beer matts if that floats your boat, but Fabriano's organiser is designed as a wedding diary not just an everyday organiser so that's got to be another tick in the box.

And you probably could use it to keep your beer off the table, too, *another tick*. 

"Hope you don’t mind me contacting you but thought your followers might like to hear about some delightful and really useful wedding products and services from luxury Italian stationery and gift emporium Fabriano Boutique. 
The innovative Wedding Diary helps you keep track of everything for the great day:
The pocket-sized hard-back book printed on fine paper has dedicated space for the guest list, details of the wedding cake, music playlist, flowers, rings, photographer, make-up et al. Plus a complete programmer for every aspect of the preparations, from the wedding list to the table plan, as well as a useful pull-out planner. 
The diary is available from the Fabriano Boutique flagship store in London’s Covent Garden and online at 
Bespoke invitations and thank you cards using exquisite Fabriano papers:
Fabriano Boutique’s service uses 13th Century Watermarked Paper, produced using techniques from 1264, and Medioevalis Paper uses methods introduced in 1904. 
The service and sample book are accessible via the Fabriano Boutique flagship store in London’s Covent Garden at:
Fabriano Boutique
21 Neal Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9PU
tel: 020 7240 6000 
Other wedding products available online and in store include: 
- calligraphy sets and inks for hand-written invitations, thank you cards, table plans etc
- blank boxed fine papers and cards with matching envelopes
- handmade wedding cards
- luxurious wedding albums with 100% Italian linen covers, acid free papers and tissue divides."

There you have it. Maybe our next post will be about how to plan your guest list on the back of a Newcastle Brown beer matt. But for now, we'll leave it to the professionals.

We'll be back the following week. If you need to contact us then you can email us via the website or drop us a line on social media.

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