Gay Pride UK May - July 2015

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Summer is now fast approaching, and it won't be long until we're up to our knees in neon legwarmers, near-deaf from silver whistles and half-cut on the Pimm's we've been sipping from plastic cups: yes, it's almost time for Pride.

It certainly looks like we're in for a treat this year, and what better opportunity than now to decide the who, the when and the where as we take a look at the 2015 season. 

We've compiled a selection of some of the bigger events that will be going on across the UK this summer, but we'll be listing others, too. Some of the smaller gatherings, the lesser known events and the local parties will feature in a future post so keep your eyes out. Below, you can click the link that will take you to the homepages of those that we've featured to find out more. 

Pride is a great way to celebrate LGBT culture, but it's also a way of politicizing and representing the issues that continue to effect the LGBT community both in the UK and abroad.  Education is important, too, and pride is a fantastic way of  introducing younger children and older family members to the inclusive, creative and friendly atmosphere of the gay community.

Later in the year, we'll also be looking at European Pride events, and they provide a fantastic excuse for a mini break onto the continent. 

We'll be featuring more pride events over the next few months, and please feel free to get in touch if you have an event or you know of an event that you think we'd be interested in.

May 2015

16th Exeter
23rd & 24th Birmingham
30th Bradford

June 2015

6th Oxford

20th Edinburgh

27th London

27th Dublin

July 2015

11th Bristol

17th & 19th Newcastle

24th Belfast

25th Oldham

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