A Thoughtful and Personal Wedding Gift: Book of the Dad

Finding a thoughtful wedding gift for a couple that you’re close to is difficult.

Our marriage and living habits have all changed enormously over the last few decades. 

Gone are the days when a wedding gift registry was all microwaves and toasters. 

Couples want cash. 

Romantic? Not really but, in today's economy, understandable. 

Isn't there just something a little vulgar and impersonal about giving cash though? It's almost the antithesis of the romance we celebrate at a wedding.Okay, toasters and tea sets were never all that romantic, but they did symbolise the start of a new life together and that's just about as romantic as it gets. 

So, it got us thinking: what would make for a personal and thoughtful wedding gift to give in addition to money or vouchers?

Then we found The Book of the Dad.

The Book of the Dad is an online store offering bespoke and beautifully hand typed quotes and messages that lend themselves perfectly to weddings. There's a real beauty in the simplicity of what they're offering as each individual word (thumped onto the ivory page by an antique Remington typewriter) is both striking and elegant

Obviously, the power of each piece lies in the meaning of the message or quote but the beautiful presentation delivers a classical, clean and highly aesthetic finish

It's hard not to be impressed. 

I chose a quote that's largely attributed to Shakespeare

"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew."

I chose it because I have a close friend getting married at the RSC in Stratford in 2016. I was desperate to find something that would be meaningful both to her and her partner (they both work in theatre), and so this was perfect

It is precisely because she is such a close friend that I wanted to give her something more than just a wad of notes in an envelope. I want to give her something that she can look back on in years to come, and I definitely think I've now done that.

There's a lot to choose from, too. Quotes from a wide range of literary figures, philosophers, poets and lyricists. You can even opt to write your own message, too. It's a fantastic opportunity to say something meaningful to those important in our lives - how often do we usually get to do that?

The quotes arrived promptly, in discreet and neat packaging and in perfect condition. I can't wait to get mine into a frame and you can buy those from the Book of the Dad's Etsy store, too.

We've been really impressed with what we've received, and we only recommend them because we knew that you'll be impressed, too. 

Why not stop by The Book of the Dad's Etsy store and have a look? It's a great chance both for an amazing gift and as a way to support a deserving small business. 

Let us know which quote you choose or which message means the most to you. 

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