PWD: Awkward Anglican Wedding, Disappointment in Vietnam, Judicial Review on Civil Partnerships, Rhineland Church Says Yes! And Taiwan's New President

Awkward Wedding For the Anglican Church

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s daughter, Mpho Tutu, has married her lesbian partner in the Netherlands. 

Archbishop Tutu hasn’t given his public blessing, and neither him nor his wife were in attendance. It puts the Anglican Church in something of a difficult position as Mpho Tuto is also a Reverend Canon in the Church. 

The Anglican Faith remains opposed to gay clergy marrying. 

Disappointment for same-sex couples in Vietnam

Vietnam may have lifted its ban on same-sex marriage, but there are still widespread reports of prejudice towards the country’s LGBTI population. 

The initial hope was that Vietnam might become something of a beacon for LGBTI rights in South East Asia. This suggests that, for the time being, they still have some way to go. 

Judicial review on civil partnerships

A British couple have taken to the High Court in London (January 18th) because they believe heterosexual couples should be allowed to have civil partnerships. 

If the judicial review is successful it could lead to all couples – gay and straight - having the choice between marriage and civil partnership. 

Rhineland Church Votes in Favour of Same-Sex Marriage

Germany’s second largest church – The Rhineland Church – has voted to allow same-sex marriage. The Church has over 700 parishes with over 2.6 million members. The vote was unanimous, and will be welcomed by German LGBTI couples.

Here's hoping this is a small step on the road to German marriage equality. 

And finally...

Taiwan's New President

Taiwan has a new female president, and we’re already a big fan. The Gay Times offered the following quote from Michael Cole talking to The Independent: 

“She very much enjoys sitting down with a glass of red wine, and reading a book and spending quality time with her cats.”

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