Wedding Favours: Bubbly Flavour Jelly Beans

We’re BIG fans of edible wedding favours.
Because people like to eat and they especially like to eat at weddings.

And be honest, how many wedding favours have you kept over the years?

How many can you remember receiving?

Mason jars, personalised frisbees, monogrammed fridge magnets, wild flower seeds, we've seen it all and there’s nothing that Etsy and Pinterest won’t try to push as a necessity.  

And some favours are amazing, but some are awful and expensive.

How many are left behind on the table, shoved to the back of a drawer or later tossed in the bin? And it isn’t always the cost, either, think of the hours some couples spend making DIY favours by hand.

But many people are often reluctant to leave wedding favours out entirely.  

But there’s got to be another way of doing it for those who don’t want to spend a fortune, who don’t want to be glueing sequins onto ribbons at 3 am, and who don’t see the point when guests are already getting a three-course meal.

But we think we’ve found one way around this.


Less wedding favour and more wedding flavour

Jelly Belly has created champagne flavoured jelly beans that come in cute miniature plastic champagne bottles.

And they taste AMAZING.

And surprisingly like champagne which is perfect because what’s a wedding without a bit of fizz.

Although, it’s worth mentioning that they don’t actually contain alcohol so they’re suitable for children and any designated drivers.

They’re suitable for vegetarians, too.

They'll look great next to place settings because they're subtle, and guests will get a real kick out of knocking back the jelly beans inside.

They won’t break the bank, and you can bulk buy them on the internet.

They're available on Amazon, too, and from other retailers.

They’re small enough to slip into a pocket or handbag so there won't be lots left over at the end of the night.  

And if you do end up with a few extra, then they work for other parties, too, like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations etc any celebration, really.

And you can’t say that about a personalised magnet.

What are your favourite wedding favours? What did you use in your wedding? Drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter, because we'd love to find out.

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