Drop in the Number of Straight Couples Getting Married

Fewer opposite-sex couples are getting married, that’s according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 

The latest figures available for 2015 show that there were 21.7 marriages per thousand unmarried men and 19.8 per thousand unmarried women: the lowest on record. These numbers are consistent with previous years as fewer people have been getting married since the 1970s.

Same-Sex Couples

2015 is the first year with a complete set of data on same-sex marriages. There were 6,493 in 2015 accounting for 2.6% of all marriages that year with 9,156 couples opting to convert civil partnerships

A thin cake with a same-sex couple topper sitting on the edge

Religious ceremonies were not as popular in 2015 with an 8% decrease from 2014.  

Unsurprisingly, there were only 44 religious same-sex ceremonies in 2015, and this number is unlikely to rise so long as mainstream religious denominations continue to exclude gay couples. Almost all of those 44 ceremonies would have been conducted by more inclusive smaller religious groups such as The Unitarian Church and The Quakers. 

So why aren’t people getting married?

It’ll be interesting to see how 2016's figures stack up, and we’ll be watching the statistics for same-sex marriage with keen interest.  What are your thoughts? Do you think we'll ever see a rise in the number of weddings or are people now less interesting in saying 'I do'? And don't forget to visit the Pink Wedding Day's website to find your dream LGBT-friendly wedding venue and service provider. 

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