Wedding Favours: The Nation's Favourite Sweets and Chocolates

Sweets and Candies of all colours

What is wedding planning if not just a series of choices made about things you wouldn’t normally worry about.  Your big day needs big decisions, and you may quickly find yourself becoming an expert in fields you’d never even considered before: d├ęcor, flower arranging, interior design, conflict management (you can’t sit HER next to HIM…) to name but a few.

Fortunately, some decisions are more enjoyable than others:  Food tasting, cake sampling, wine pairing, honeymoon planning, anyone?

And one of the best jobs has to be researching what goes on the sweetie cart.  Guests love retro sweets, and offering a selection of nostalgic candies and chocolates has been one of the most popular reception trends of recent years.  Sweets make great favours, too, and are popular with both young and old guests.  Affordable, colourful, nostalgic and, most importantly, tasty as hell, retro sweets are brilliant because as everyone knows, calories don’t count at weddings.

So what are the nation’s favourites sweets and chocolates? 

Milk Chocolate Bar in Foil

1.  Black Jacks
2.  Giant Strawbs
3.  Flying Saucers
4.  Sour Cherries
5.  Fuzzy Peaches
6.  Fizzy Cola Bottles
7.  Milk Bottles
8.  Baby Dolphins
9.  Fruit Salads
10. Cola Cubes
Surprised? Are there any that are missing from the list that you couldn’t live without?  We’re gutted that Parma Violets only made it into the top 15!

1.Dairy Milk.
4.Milky Bar. 
7.Fruit and Nut.
9. Snickers.

Do you agree with the list? We’d love to hear your thoughts, and watch this space as we’ll be reviewing one of the Treats boxes next month.  In the meantime, you can visit the Treats website and see what sweet surprises could be posted through your door. 

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