Mrs and Mrs Wedding Ideas

England, Wales and Scotland legalised gay marriage in 2014 but the wedding industry is still rather heteronormative.  Finding Mrs and Mrs wedding ideas (as opposed to Mr and Mrs) aren’t always easy.

Times are changing.  More and more blogs, magazines and websites are now accommodating same-sex weddings on their pages BUT there’s still a way to go before we can drop the same-sex prefix and just talk about weddings.

Wedding planning is an exciting time.  Sure, there’s a lot to organise but there's lots to explore, enjoy and experience, too.  The internet is your friend.  Whether you want a traditional and small ceremony or an insta-worthy celebration there’s something for every woman, every budget and every aesthetic. 

Our first port-of-call for anything wedding related is Etsy.  They have some superb handmade and vintage lesbian wedding décor that is sure to add a unique touch to your big day.  There’s plenty of opportunities to personalise items, too. We’d also recommend looking for wedding party presents on the website as not only are the gifts individual but they can easily be personalised, too, and will make a touching memento for those closest to you.

Etsy has everything from Mrs and Mrs cake toppers to bunting, centrepieces and customised calligraphy.  

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If you’re planning a lesbian wedding, then prepare to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole.  Every idea under the sun has a home on Pinterest and it’s equally as easy to feel overwhelmed as inspired.  The one thing that we LOVE is the variety of bridal wear images as they really highlight the wide range of styles available to women. You may even be surprised to see how lesbian wedding wear goes way beyond suits and dresses.  There’s plenty of DIY décor hacks, too, and advice on making personal touches to your ceremony and reception. 

The Hative Blog has some interesting ways to incorporate LGBTQ rights into your big day.  We’re big fans of the rainbow pride flower girl.  If you want to use your nuptials as a platform to highlight the gay rights campaign, then there are plenty of small ways you can contribute to the wider LGBTQ conversation.

Buzzfeed did a post back in 2014 on lesbian wedding ideas and it’s a great 3-minute read with some gorgeous photographs.  We’re particularly impressed with the circle seating at the outdoor wedding and the rainbow converse for under the dress.

A wedding is the PERFECT opportunity to have a little fun especially if the ceremony has been emotional.  One way that LGBTQ couples are often able to show their creative side in with a personalised wedding cake topper. Some are sweet, some are soppy and some are hilarious.  Hitched has a good selection of LGBTQ cake toppers which will not only make your cake POP but which will provide superb photo opportunities, too. 

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