Survey Reveals the Most Places to Propose in 2019

Anyone with a social media account knows the saying “location, location, location” is as true for romance as it is for real estate. Eager to uncover the most romantic places to pop the question, premium dating site EliteSingles asked 1600 people for their opinion on proposal destinations, romantic getaways and their thoughts on the modern proposal in the 21st Century.

  • Venice knocks Paris off the top spot as the most romantic place to propose in 2019

  • Hawaii, The Bahamas and Fiji round out the top 5

  • ‘At home' makes it into top 10 places to propose!

  • 1 in 5 men would prefer to be proposed to

  • True romance: The most romantic place can be a person, not only a location

While it’s certainly no surprise to see romantic European cities at the top of the list, the top 12 destinations certainly reveal a lot about the locations couples want to have associated with their big moment. Particularly interesting was the shunning of a flashy locale in favour of familiar turf with a couple's home beating out places such as Bali, New York and Sydney as the sixth preferred place for a proposal.

The Top 12 Places to Propose in 2019:

1.  Venice, Italy
2.  Paris, France
3.  Hawaii, USA
4.  The Bahamas
5.  Vanua Levu, Fiji
6.  At home
7.  Bali, Indonesia
8.  New York, USA
9.  Niagara Falls, North America
10.  Sydney, Australia
11.   Edinburgh, Scotland
12.  Las Vegas, USA

In addition to naming proposal locations, EliteSingles also discovered that 21% of men would actually prefer to be proposed to. 

Proposal Prep: How to Prepare

So, now that we know the proposal hot spots, how can loved-up romantics best prepare for getting down on one knee? Zoe Coetzee, EliteSingles’ Relationship Psychologist gave these three pieces of advice to prepare for the perfect proposal in 2019:

  • Plan ahead: Choose the location, the order of your events, who you want there (if you’re inviting friends and family along for the ride), and plan ahead. To pull off the perfect proposal, layout out the finer points and add in sentimental details that are meaningful to you two!

  • Practice: Proposing can be stressful, so run through the plan ahead of time, say your speech out loud beforehand, and practice the moment so you don’t leave out important parts. But, at the same time, always speak from the heart!

  • It’s about the two of you: Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t let the stress of planning derail you from the main purpose – to ask the person you love to spend their life with you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on your partner and the love you share – the rest are just details!

As well as finding out the top proposal destinations we also asked about the best destinations for a couple's getaway as well as their preferred activities once they got there. 

For these results and more check out our full article over here.

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