Gay Marriage is Legal in England and Wales

It’s here. It’s actually here.

From today, same-sex couples in England and Wales can get married.

 Our definition of gender and sexuality has irrevocably changed.

We all deserve to enjoy this moment.

This isn’t just a victory for the gay community;

 it’s a victory for everyone who has ever felt,

or dreamt of feeling,

the love of another human being.

Marriage is about love.

It’s not a business arrangement.

It isn't a religious arrangement.

You can’t help who you fall for.

If you don't choose to be straight, then why would you think someone chooses to be gay?.

Why shouldn't people marry the person they love?

Straight people are statistically pretty terrible at marriage.

Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuals,

                       but he did have a lot to say about love, acceptance, compassion and kindness.

The world isn’t always a nice place to be.

Actually, it can be a pretty crappy place to live.

People die all the time.

At some time in our lives we'll all experience:



We'll all be devastated by someone or by something.

We all die.

Some of us will die alone.

So, shouldn't we try to make life a little more bearable?

 In the media, in our religions, in our homes,  in our politics,

 and in 
our lives,

bigotry masquerades as concern.

Concern that the world has gone mad.

That change should be resisted.

That the old ways are the best.

They aren't always the best

and we know it.

Things have always changed, so why fear it?

We’re on this planet for such a pathetically small number of years that

we’ll all be old before we know it


we’ll all be dead before we can believe it.

There are many things that should be resisted or

that need resisting,

but equal marriage isn't one of them.

The truth is that if you’re defending bigotry, hatred and discrimination,

 you’ll take it to your grave.

All those wasted breaths.

All that hot air that couldn't be channelled into something, anything positive.

Anything worthwhile.

The world moves forward through positive change

but we still use tradition as a shield to protect the very worst of our faults. 

We learn our lessons the hard way.

We expect to be
accepted, but where's our acceptance of others?

We know that so much is beyond our control        

Good things happen to bad people.

Bad things happen to good people

here is so much to be fearful of and to be angry about.

But then this….

Something pretty damn amazing has happened today.

Today is a victory for love and acceptance.

It’s a rare thing 

to offer people a piece of equality.

 To shine a light.

To let people be.

Nicely done, England and Wales!

Congratulations to all couples getting married today gay or straight.

We hope the weather is glorious for you all.

UKIP weather however, suggests you might like to pack an umbrella.

Scotland, we look forward to celebrating with you later in the year.


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Photo credit:

We love our Gay Daughter and her Wife  By Marc [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Angry Tiger By Guyon Morée from Beverwijk, Netherlands (Angry tiger) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Greek Stone [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

 Balloons By Camdiluv ♥ from Concepción, CHILE (Colours) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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