Flower Power For Your Autumn Wedding

Autumn doesn't need to be a season of burnt oranges, pine-cone browns and cinnamon; it shouldn't be considered as a poor relation of springtime, either.

Most of us would agree that it's a beautiful season but for those getting married: what flowers are available?

File:Gerbera gialla.jpg
Well, probably more than you think. You might consider Gerberas. Gerberas have bright and large petals that will add standout colour to any bouquet or centerpiece. They can be found in a multitude of colours that include more autumnal hues right through to bolder tones. The Gerbera doesn't have a scent,  so it won't clash with other flowers or with perfumes and aftershaves. 

It would be a good choice to use in a bouquet, as decoration around the venue or as a gift for the brides' or grooms' parents.

File:Calla Lilies by Boston Public Library.jpgThere's the Calla lily, too. Once considered to be a flower of mourning, this lily is now a popular choice for couples. The colour, long stem and shape of the flower make it the perfect choice for either a bouquet or as a striking centre piece. 

Like the Gerberas, too, this flower doesn't have a scent. 

For the ladies, the white in the flower will accent the white of a dress (if you choose to wear white). There have also been couples who've chosen to walk down the aisle carrying just a single stem in an understated statement of elegance. 

Calla lillies are, then, statement flowers that need neither busy nor colourful distractions around them to make an impact.

They're a lovely reminder, too, that winter is just around the corner. 

File:Freesia-J.Eudes-02.JPGThe Freesia is not only a beautiful flower, but it also has a symbolic meaning that will resonate with all married couples-to be: it stands for true love and friendship. What better flower could there be to remind us all of what a marriage is truly about?

The Freesia does have a scent that differs between the varieties, but it's nothing too overpowering. 

Freesias come in numerous colours, so ask your florist to match them to your colour scheme. 

File:Hypericum.flower.750pix.jpgTo add a real sense of autumn then there's always Hypericum. This yellow flower will bring a bit of sunshine into your ceremony and venue, but it does develop into berries, too. Which would make an excellent decorative element for your reception venue.  

There are hundreds of varities of Hypericum, but you may be most familiar with hypericum perforatum better known as St. John's Wort.

Of course, you can do much more than just display flowers at an autumn wedding. A simple vase filled with pebbles, branches and fairy lights can look fantastic, too. There's so much about autumn that's completely cost effective: pine cones, conkers, pressed leaves and acorns are everywhere at this time of year. You can also add cinnamon sticks, too, for an extra (and cost effective) autumnal scent.

Bell, apothecary and kilner jars also make great vases or bases for your centre pieces (we'll be looking into this in later posts).

Florists and flower arrangers are worth their weight in gold when it comes to creating elaborate and unique floral pieces. So, whatever the limits of your budget or imagination, it's always worth seeking out their expertise. We've written posts before of how important it is to support local businesses, too, not only because of the current financial climate, but because they can offer something that's truly bespoke.

If you're looking for a florist to fulfill your wedding dreams, then please check out two florists from our directory. 

Lulu Flowers, Shrewsbury

"You can find us in the historic town of Shrewsbury, well known for its many independent shops, & we are proud to be one of them. We are on Castle Street near Marks & Spencer & close to The Castle of course!

We are kept busy with weddings of all shapes & sizes in Shrewsbury & Shropshire; it's a special thing to be involved in your wedding day & we look forward to hearing your own ideas for flowers. Others will need some help to decide which flowers are for them, and we can do that!"

Find more at on the Pink Wedding Days website or on Twitter & Facebook.

English Rose Wedding Design, Southampton

Wedding Package 1"We are a small business offering the best service at exceptional prices. We have been trading for 8 years now & have built up a word of mouth business over the 8 year period and now wish to expand our business to you, offering the same excellent service as we have to all our local customers. All our flowers are brought on the day of the sale, so they aren't hanging around the shop for a week before you get them. So they are as fresh as possible to get to you."

Any queries please feel free to contact us via

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