10 Laid Back Processional Songs For Your Summer Wedding

"Here comes the bride da da da daaaa."

We all know how the tune goes. Whether it comes from the clunky key changes of a church organ or from the hissing crackle of a CD player, it's about as traditional as wedding traditions get.

But what if you don't want traditional? Or what if you want something more than the musical equivalent of brown bread.

And what if there's no bride?

If you're planning a relaxed summertime wedding, then wouldn't it be better to have something a little bit more upbeat?

As we're heading towards the summer months (yes, we know it's only March, but summer is technically ahead of us, so we're sticking with that). We thought we'd select 10 songs that could work at your wedding. We've chosen some upbeat, light and airy songs to counterbalance the plodding beat of the wedding march. If you had something different for your wedding, then please let us know. We'd love to hear your suggestions.

You can click the links to take you through to YouTube. And all the songs are on our YouTube channel, so you can listen to the playlist.

1. Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo.

Accompanied by the ukulele, the gentle voice of  Israel Kamakawiwo'ole would be perfect for a beach wedding, or for a wedding with a touch of the outdoors.

2. All You Need Is Love by The Beatles.

A song that needs absolutely no introduction at all. This simple, heartfelt chorus will symbolise exactly why you're getting married. It boils down marriage to what should be at its centre: love.

3. How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Golding.

It's a tough one to slow dance to, and that's why we've included it here for the processional. Again, a stripped back affair that carries a heartfelt message.

4. One Day Like This by Elbow. 

The rousing chorus makes for a big entrance, and you're sure to see some of your guests toe-tapping.

5. At Last by Etta James. 

There's something about Etta's slow, soulful voice as she sings. This song would be perfect for a more formal entrance.

6. Hoppipolla by Sigor Ros


The Icelandic group are famous for their chilled out, beautiful beats and warming lyrics. Even if it's raining on your big day, they'll pop some sunshine in your day.

7. Kissing You by Desree.

One of the most beautiful songs to have come out of the 90s, kissing you is sure to bring tears to the eyes of your guests.

8.Zipadeedoodah by Doris Day


A song to remind you of your childhood and the innocence of youthful summertimes. This would be perfect for playful weddings with a relaxed atmosphere.

9. I'm Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. 

This song has been very popular for first dances, but there's no reason why it can't be used at the ceremony.

10. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars


A definite song for summer and a beautiful one to enter to.

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