Latest Poll Looks Good For Marriage Equality in Ireland

File:Dublin castle.JPGTwo months from now, The Republic of Ireland will hold a referendum on gay marriage. No other country in the world has taken the issue to a popular vote before.

Irish LGBT groups have been tireless in their attempts to bring equal marriage into the mainstream. It hasn't been easy. Homosexuality was only decriminalised in Ireland in 1993, and that's four years after Denmark first legalised civil partnerships.

Of course, Ireland has had to balance its increasing acceptance of homosexuality with its traditional and deeply rooted devotion to the Catholic faith. For those campaigning in favour of equality in Ireland, it's been about normalising homosexuality and championing equal marriage as something that strengthens romantic unions, rather than undermine them.

Whatever they've been doing, it appears to be working. Earlier this week reported that the 'yes' campaign looked to be ahead: 75% of people surveyed saying that they would vote in favour of equal marriage. Of course, it's too early to make a judgement, but the news is certainly encouraging. 

You can read the entire PinkNews article here

It's clear however, that some opponants are willing to undermine their own credibility in order to claw back support. People are entitled to a different opinion on equal marriage, and they have every right to campaign fairly against whatever issue they disagree with but when you have to resort to making ridiculous statements then maybe it's time to re-evaluate your campaign strategy.

One such group The Alliance for the Defence of Family and Marriage (ADFAM) has been in the news for suggesting that homosexuality causes cancer, that gay people can't hope to live as long as heterosexual people and that most same-sex married couples don't even live together. It's easy to laugh. And indeed, we should but it's also a reminder of how important it is to keep pushing for equality even when you think it's nearly there. One of ADFAM's more distasteful claims is that voting for same-sex  marriage is like voting for an 'Islamic State Sharia law'.

They also maintain that the introduction of gay marriage will lead to persecution of the Christian faith. 

Well, I guess if anyone understands the nature of persecution then it's got to be the church, right?

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