Dressing a Village Hall for Summer: A Few Ideas

Spring seems to have come out of nowhere. 

One minute it was all snoods and sou'westers and next minute - the sun's out.

Let's just hope we don't scare it away. Still, it's got us looking ahead to warmer months. 

We're hearing a lot about village halls as reception venues. Older generations will remember their popularity and necessity first time round, but millennials have often overlooked these valuable community spaces. 

We have to admit that we think they're great.

Of course, it can be very intimidating: the idea of dressing an empty space. 

Hotels and country homes have the benefit of wedding coordinators, but village halls won't.

Intimidating yes, but how exciting

We've found a few things that we think would be a simple and yet effective addition to a wedding space.

A Few Ideas...

Bunting isn't just for jubilees and summer fetes. It's a great way to add subtle colour, highlight a theme and fill empty ceiling or wall space.  We've picked three examples below to show you how different individual styles can be. 

Bunting is inexpensive and easy to put up, too. 

Product name: Fan Bunting - Pastel Pink - Pastel Perfection
Price: £6.99
Company: Ginger Ray
Telephone number: 08456802975

Die Cut Floral Paper Bunting - Boho
View product on company website
Price: £6.99
Company: Ginger Ray
Telephone number: 08456802975

Product name: Just Married Hessian / Burlap Bunting
Price: £11.99
Company: Ginger Ray
Telephone number: 08456802975

We love honeycomb balls and, like bunting, they're a great way to add colour to a space. You can hang them from ceilings, walls, windows and door frames. You can use them on tables, too. 

Product name: Honeycomb Paper Balls
Price: £3
Company: Petra Boase

But who says it can't be fun?

Product name: Pineapple Honeycomb Decoration

Product name: Mumbai Tablecloth and Napkin
Price: £22
Company: Ville and Campagne

Tablecloths! It sounds simple, but they don’t have to be practical and boring. They can really tie a colour to the wider theme. There’s no need to spend a fortune either – you’re bound to find the perfect colour, fabric or style somewhere.  

Be sure to ask the venue about table configuration, size and shape before you start buying; a square cloth won't look so good on a circular table.

Got children coming to the wedding? Have a specific children's table and use a wipe away or cheap linen tablecloth and put a pot of pens on top. 

Product name: Heart Table Confetti Sprinkles
Price: £2.50
Company: Wildflower Favours

Table confetti gives the table a little something extra; it adds a bit of sparkle to the room. Again, this is brilliant way to tie a theme together. 

Don't think it has to be the cheap silver cuts from high street card shops. There are plenty of different examples available which will complement your theme. 

Just be aware that it will end up all over the floor!

Product name: Bird Detailed Lantern
Price: £14.95
Company: Made with Love Designs

If you’re not into flowers, then it can be hard to know what to have a centrepiece. We love this lantern, and they’d be brilliant to light during the first dance – give the place a real cosy feel  and into the evening. The bird lantern above would look fantastic with white bunting. 

Product name: Artificial Twig Spray
Price: £7.95
Company: Mia Fleur

Flowers don't have to be traditional, either. This twig spray would look fantastic tied with ribbon and set amid confetti. Anyone with hayfever will thank you for it, too. 

We've just put together a few ideas, but we'd love to see what you did to your wedding space. Drop us an email and we'll feature the best ones. 

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