Hate Choosing Wedding Presents? Love the One4All Card!


We love weddings. 

We hate picking wedding presents.

When a wedding invitation drops through the letterbox we're always excited. 

Then comes the flash of panic: what present to get?

There was a time when couples didn’t live together until after they were married, and wedding gifts were a way of furnishing a new home. 

Times have changed. 

Now, couples almost always live together before they get married. They furnish their own homes; they already have the essentials. 

Do people still need toasters and tea sets?

Gift registries are now more likely to include luxury items like coffee makers, spa weekends and tablets.

Couples will ask for money, too.  Traditionally considered crude, this is now both a reasonable and practical request.

Other couples might not ask for anything in particular, but when you’re invited to their nuptials, the norm will still be to take something

What else is there?

There’s the One4All Gift Card.

You read gift card and balked, didn't you? 

Hear us out.

  1. You can use the One4All Card in over 20,000 retail outlets including:

    Currys, Argos, Amazon, John Lewis, Debenhams, and B&Q. The card is also valid against Virgin Holidays, Kuoni Holidays, Spa Finder, Butlins, and many, many more.

  2. You can put any amount on them between £10 and £400

  3. Order online and you can create a personalised card with a photograph and message.

  4. In a rush? You can also buy an One4All Card at any Post Office. 

Whether a couple is looking to furnish their home, plan a honeymoon or pencil in a post-marital date-night, this card is a fantastic option. 

Between us, too, it's the perfect back-up plan: were you a last minute guest, did your original idea backfire or have you just been disorganized? 

This card is ideal.  

And you can buy the card here

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