Beyond the High Street: Wedding Stationery Ideas

We’d love to hear your suggestions: how can couples UP their stationery game?

Did you design your wedding on Pinterest?

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Gah! We just love these neat little place cards. Each one is laser cut into the shape of a butterfly, and when added to the lip of a champagne flute or wine glass they're the perfect guest marker. 

We've not sampled the cards, and we're not affiliated with the company that makes them, but when we saw them we were reminded that there's NO limit when it comes to customizing your wedding stationery. 

We already know that Etsy has some beautiful designs and products from sellers around the world. is a personal favourite of ours, too. It has some fab personalised wedding stationery, favours and gifts, but couples should also look closer to home to support local businesses in their own communities. 

This isn't just because local businesses are important to regional economies; It's because talented people are everywhere. 

They're in your town right now. 

1. Local craft centres and outlets are a fantastic resource. This is where local crafty folk sell and make their items. We're based in Worcestershire, and here are two fab examples of small, local vendors selling unique items including stationery, jewellery and decor (often custom made) for a variety of occasions:

The Old Needleworks, Britten Street in Redditch (We'd really recommend the cafe, too.)

The Jinney Ring, Hanbury, nr Bromsgrove

If you are planning on having something custom made, then remember to give plenty of notice.

2. Do you live near an art school or local college? You could approach students for a demonstration or portfolio of their work. You might even be their first commission. It'll be far more interesting than anything pulled off a retailer's shelf. 

You'll find a list of art colleges here

3. You can always make your own, too. This can really give your wedding day a unique touch, and one that the guests will likely appreciate over the straight-off-the-shelf decor they've seen elsewhere.

Making your own wedding can be useful if you have a very specific colour scheme or if you're trying to tie a theme from the invitations right through to the venue space, but it's important to remember that it's not necessarily going to be cheaper. In fact, crafting your own wedding can be expensive as hell. 

You also have to be honest with yourself: how good are you at crafting and making things? 

Hands up, no lie, I'm terrible. Sticking gold sprayed macaroni in the shape of a face onto a paper plate is about as fancy as I can be. 

And even if you are good at using your hands don't underestimate how long it'll take you to complete your DIY wedding. Wedding planning is time-consuming even without the double-sided tape and glue guns. Be sure that you have the time to commit to it.

The road to Pinterest is paved with PVA disasters!

4. Of course, you can always rope in friends and family. There's certain to be someone with an eye for printing, calligraphy, sewing or design. Maybe they could do a little work in lieu of a wedding present?  

Or if there's a big job to be done then why not ask your nearest and dearest round? Add some wine to the table, order a pizza and socialise as you're all doing creative things for the wedding.

It's important, however, not to load too much on your wedding party. A little hand here and there is fine, but don't commit to a big DIY wedding project and then expect everyone else to throw in hours of work. 

You're making a wedding, not running a sweat shop. 

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