The Average Bridesmaid Clocks Up 43 Hours on Wedding Duties

Being a bridesmaid or bride’s man can be a full-time job, that’s according to new research. 

Fashion retailer Simply Be surveyed 1,087 UK women who’d been bridesmaids and discovered that the average bridesmaid clocks up 43 hours on wedding duties – more than the average working week.

If bridesmaids charged for this, then, based on the average wage of a UK wedding planner, they could pocket up to £326.90 per week. 

Visits to wedding fayres and organising the hen party were the most time-intensive of all a bridesmaid’s duties – 11 hours on average.

Add to this dress fittings, make-up and hair trials, and the venue 
dressing, and it’s easy to see why it isn’t just as simple as saying ‘I will’ when your BFF comes asking.

But Simply Be did reveal that 74% of those surveyed said they enjoyed the process. 

Joey Hughes, E-commerce Manager at Simply Be said:

“Evidently, being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility and requires a lot more time and effort than many probably anticipate. However, these duties are all part of the honour and fun of being a bridesmaid and most revel in the responsibility. Whilst some of the tasks like organising the hen party can be stressful, this tradition is here to stay and will no doubt become even more demanding as many brides now opt for hen parties abroad, multiple dresses and outfit changes and additional engagement parties.

“Thankfully, most of us are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure our friends and loved ones have the perfect wedding day.”

The Tasks Bridesmaids Carry Out in Preparation for a Wedding:

1.  Attending wedding fairs: 13 hours
2.  Planning and booking the hen party: 10 hours
3.  Wedding dress shopping: 8 hours
4.  Bridesmaid dress fittings: 7 hours
5.  Attending hair and make-up trials: 5 hours

The survey was released as Simply Be launched its new bridal range, with bride and bridesmaid dresses available in sizes 10-32. Prices start from £59 for a sequin detail bridesmaid dress.

How many hours have you given up for wedding duties?  And did you LOVE it or RESENT it?

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