Striking a Chord: Music and Dating in the UK

If music be the food of love, play on...

It’s official; the UK is a nation of music lovers! 96% of the 1,092 UK singles surveyed in EliteSingles latest study think listening to music with a partner is as romantic as it gets. What’s more, 78% of those surveyed said that they’d be more attracted to someone if they were knowledgeable about music.

The study also asked how avid Brits are about music; one in three participants said they had a passionate interest in music whilst 60% revealed they listen to music multiple times per day. What’s more, 62% stressed that it’s a prerequisite for a partner to be keen on music, whilst two-thirds said that going to a concert was a great first date idea.

As well as habits, the survey explored tastes. Of those who voted in favour of gig-dates, the majority (25%) said that a pop concert would be just the ticket. For those averse to pop music, rock concerts came in second place (23%), whilst smartening up and enjoying a classical performance took the third spot (17%).

The study also investigated opinion when it comes making music. Crooners listen up - 69% of those surveyed said they’d find it romantic if their partner sang to them (though the remaining fifth said it would end in sheer embarrassment).

Want to know how to tug (or strum) someone’s heartstrings? Pick up a guitar - 31% of Brits think it’s the most attractive instrument for someone to play! Drummers might want to ditch the sticks though; 34% put down drums when asked to divulge their least attractive instrument.

Do you agree? Is music really the way to someone's heart? And what of music once you're in a relationship?  How did you decide on what the first dance at the wedding would be - did you both have different ideas?  We'd love to hear from you.  Leave us a message on our Facebook or Twitter pages. 

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