THATMuse: An Alternative to the Same-Old Hen, Stag or Hag Do

Hen, stag and hag parties are big business. They can be big headaches, too.  Once you’ve chosen what you want to do, picked who to invite, synchronised availability, made the booking, collected the money, sorted the transport and everything else there’s still the chance that what you’ve booked is actually a bit – well  shit.

There’s so much pressure now on couples and their entourage to get everything right.  Expectations are big, and so are budgets (even when the attendees might prefer it if they weren’t), but at the heart of it, hen, stag and hag dos have always been about giving the person getting married a good send off.

That’s why we were intrigued when we heard about the launch of THATMuse (Treasure Hunt At The Museum).

Here’s what they have to say:

"Hen and Stag nights may fill some people with abject dread, envisioning a night of clichéd debauchery and bad decisions. For those who would rather marvel over the chiselled physique of a Grecian torso than carousing the city streets, wielding willy whistles, THATMuse’s bespoke museum treasure hunts promise an outing of informed silliness in London or, for festivities further afield, in Paris. Following success in Paris, THATMuse (which stands for Treasure Hunt At The Museum) launched its museum treasure hunting events at London’s British Museum in March 2017. 

Founded by wife and husband team Daisy de Plume and Hernan Souto, this intelligently creative company provides a unique, entertaining and interactive way for the culturally curious to engage with fascinating treasures in the collections of the world’s most interesting museums. The treasure hunts provide a fun cultural prelude to an evening of foolish mishaps and bring a healthy dose of competitive energy to any Hen or Stag party plans. As hunters explore the museum, they scout out and photograph themselves with the treasures from their clue list. The hunts also reward silliness as participants are encouraged to perform amusing poses and even serenade the happy couple on video as a memento, secluded from the hushed museum exhibits but in full view of the passing crowds. The bespoke hen and stag treasure hunts will heighten this element of embarrassment as THATMuse can customise the clues in advance to include personal questions about the questionable past antics of the bride or groom. 

THATMuse has designed a pair of treasure hunts perfectly suited to hen and stag groups: the simpler and raunchier ‘Love Hunt’, and the more complex ‘Lady Hunt’, for those looking to intellectually challenge their party guests. The former will be filled with amorous tales of varying degrees of naughtiness. Treasure hunters will prance after impish Putti, vie to capture the beautiful Venus, gawk at the enormous phallus of a Priapus and titter at some semi-pornographic 5th Century Greek pots. Along the way, the hunters will read tales of love from the sweetly romantic to the dark and mysterious. Similarly, the ‘Lady Hunt’ focuses on fascinating women of history, from famous femmes and Greek goddesses such as Lely’s Venus and the Nereid Nymphs, to more obscure artefacts belonging to the lesser-known ladies. 

Following the trend for hen/stag nights further afield, the Love Hunt and Lady Hunt are also available at the Louvre in Paris. The perfect entertaining addition to a sophisticated weekend away in the city of light, the Parisian hunts take in the likes of the Venus de Milo, enigmatic Mona Lisa and wedding feasts by Italian, French and Northern European masters. Continuing the frivolity, THATMuse can also liaise with the teams for score tallying and a prize-giving ceremony over a drink in a nearby restaurant, bar or patch of green."

You can find out more by visiting the THATMuse website. Tempted? Let us know how you got on or let us know what you did for your hen, stag or hag party. 

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