The Average Cost of a UK Wedding is Now Approaching £30,000

The average cost of a wedding is now £27,161, that’s according to website in a survey of 4,000 UK brides.

Venue hire, food, and the honeymoon were the biggest drains on budget.

It’s almost 10% more than the previous year’s survey.

If you can comfortably afford to spend over £27,161 on your nuptials, then more power to you.  What concerns us, however, is that such a marked increase in spending is now considered normal.

If £27,161 sounds like a lot of money to you, that’s because it is.

  • It’s the deposit on a house. 
  • It an average UK salary.

As if couples weren’t under enough pressure.  

Everyone wants the ‘perfect wedding’, and in the age of Pinterest and Instagram, it's an expensive rabbit hole to fall down.

£27,161 might be the UK average but it doesn’t have to be a target.

It’s vital that couples have a budget that both parties are accountable for.  Whilst overspending has long been considered an inevitability in wedding planning, it doesn’t have to be.

Remember that it's the person you're spending the rest of your life with that'll be the most important thing about your wedding; it won't be how much you spent on a string quartet or on helicopter arrival or butterfly release (no matter how many blogs you read telling you otherwise).

If you're looking for ways to save money on your wedding day, then don't miss our 5-tips to keeping your wedding spending under control. 

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