Wedding Planning: Why Autumn is Awesome

Good wedding planning is about spending smarter, not harder.
With the average UK wedding now costing £27,161, there’s never been a better time to book an off-peak wedding.

And we’re big fans of autumn weddings.

But it isn’t just about saving money.  

Autumn is ideal for outdoor photography, hearty seasonal dishes and floral arrangements. Not to mention, too, that authentic autumnal decoration is freely available - hello! Pinecones, russet leaves and conkers are literally lying on the floor.

Still not convinced?

Here are our 4 reasons to get hitched in Autumn.

1. Getting married in the autumn is often cheaper with many venues offering incentives and additional packages to attract couples. If you’re struggling to afford your venue, or if you’re looking to make your budget go further, then an autumn wedding could be a no-brainer. You could save thousands by switching to a later date.

Remember, the venue doesn’t change season-to-season, it's the weather outside that does.

Which leads us to…

2. Venues will often have greater availability outside peak season, so you should find it easier to secure your preferred date.  With fewer couples vying for Saturdays, too, even couples booking last minute should find they have a greater choice than they would in the summer.

And furthermore….

3. The availability of your guests is likely to be better, too.  Summer weddings are smack-bang in the middle of peak holiday season, so it makes sense to plan a wedding for when everyone has settled back into school and work.

Unless, of course, you’re hoping to slim down your guest list - in which case, touche, you sly devil :P

And there’s some awesome set dressing courtesy of mother nature during the fall months, too.

Your wedding photography will POP.

4. We talk a lot about the weather in the UK.  It’s something of a national pastime, so it’s funny that we’re all optimists when it comes to summer weddings.

Why else are they so damn popular?

Because we assume the sun will be shining.

This kind of collective delusion simply isn’t possible in October and November.  Yes, the weather might be lovely BUT it might equally be cold and miserable, wet, too.  Forewarned is forearmed so they say, which means you’ll have made all the relevant arrangements in case the weather isn’t on your side: there’ll be umbrellas or a marquee and the photographer will have a plan B list of where’s good for photographs if it pours with rain -- right? Right.

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