Miss to Mrs: A Guide to Changing Your Surname

  • Whose surname should same-sex couples use?
  • What about one name over the other?
  • What if the names were blended to create a new one?
  • Or double-barrelled?
  • And can’t you both just keep your own name?

Same-sex couples have a choice that many heterosexual newlyweds don’t appear to acknowledge: you can call yourself whatever you want.

In ye olde times, women were treated like property and weddings were a business arrangement between families; it was always the woman who took her husband's name, and most women (and men) still believe this is the right and proper way of doing things. 

(Don’t miss the interesting statistic about this on the infographic below.)

But nothing interesting or exciting ever came out of something that was done 'right and proper'.

If you're a same-sex couple, then you can pick how you want your surname to appear.  

  • Share one
  • Make a new one
  • Keep your own

Wedding planning is an exciting time, so it's a good idea to talk about your intentions with your name before the ceremony. If you're still looking for your wedding venue, then visit the Pink Wedding Days website to see some of the fantastic places in your local area.  

Whatever you decide to do, the fab people at the Daffodil Hotel have put together this handy infographic that we think you’ll find useful.

Did you decide to keep your own name or take your partners?

Or did you opt for a new name to share?

 Miss to Mrs. Name Change Guide
Miss to Mrs. Name Change by

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