Scottish Wedding Traditions

It’s St Andrews Day and we wanted to find out about Scottish wedding traditions.
Scotland has a wide selection of superb wedding venues. From chic city-centre ceremonies to sprawling country homes and gorgeous hideaways tucked against gentle shorelines – there’s something for everyone in Scotland.
And if the wedding planning is getting to be too much then there’s always Gretna Green – anything to get out of those seating plans, right?
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With such a long and fascinating history, it’s no surprise that Scotland boasts some fascinating wedding traditions. 

And here are five of our favourites: 


The stag-do isn’t as modern as you might think.  Scottish men have been doing it for a wee while now, and they call it a blackening.
It does sound rather ominous but it’s not that far off an inflatable sheep and a lamppost.  The groom is first ‘caught’ by his friends and then stripped out of his shirt and covered in ash, soot, treacle and feathers before being escorted around town for everyone to see.  

A Luckenbooth
This tradition is slightly more romantic and less raucous than the blackening. The man gives an engraved brooch to his fiancée. 

The Wedding Scramble

As the bride steps into her wedding transport, it’s her father’s job to toss a palmful of coins onto the floor for the children to pick up. It’s meant to bring good fortune to the couple (and presumably the children). 

The Wedding Sark
A bride would give her husband a shirt for the wedding and in return, he’d pay for her dress.  Perhaps an unfair and costly trade nowadays for the man judging by the price of today's gowns.  

Foot Washing

Female friends of the bride would gather to wash the bride's feet in a tub or bowl and then cover them in soot.  Coal is often symbolic of good luck.  Afterwards, the bride would place her wedding ring into the murky tub and whichever friend found it would be the next married. 

What are your favourite Scottish wedding traditions?  And what are your plans for St Andrew's Day?  We'd love to know. Drop us a message on our Facebook or Twitter pages. 

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