London Pride: Interactive Map of LGBT Bars and Clubs

View the original interactive map of Pride events in London 2018

Events have been taking place across the city over the last few weeks but it all comes to a head on July 7th with the Pride in London Parade.

It’s thirsty work celebrating the capital’s diverse LGBTQ community, so we’re really excited to see an interactive map showing where all the LGBTQ+ bars and clubs are located.  Pride is an ideal opportunity not only to find new watering holes but to raise a glass with like-minded people in safe and enjoyable environments.  Pubs, clubs and bars have been central to the gay rights movement so even if you don’t fancy facing the crowds on parade day, you can still show your support and enjoy the fab atmosphere. 

The Pride in London Parade concludes a month’s long programme of events and takes place on Saturday July 7th from midday; it promises to be as colourful and as loud as ever with this year’s theme “Pride Matters”. Staying hydrated matters, too, so whether your drink is champagne, beer or soda water, you’ll never be too far from a gay-friendly pub or bar.   

An estimated 1 million people attended 2017’s parade. Luckily, with the map as your guide, you won’t have to fight all of them for a spot at the bar.

Which spots are your favourites? We’d love to find out where to head next time we’re in the capital.

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