UK Guests Spend £65 On a Wedding Present with Cash Gifts Most Popular

  • The average Brit spends £65 on a wedding present with cash or gift cards the most popular present
  • Only 1 in 5 (20%) buy something from a gift list
  • The most generous guest is the Father of the Bride spending £80

Wedding season is upon us, along with the common conundrum of what to buy the happy couple and how much to spend.

A survey from One4all Gift Cards examining the present-buying habits of wedding guests reveals the average Brit now spends £65 on a wedding present, with monetary gifts topping the list as the most popular way to spoil the couple as they begin their marriage.

Of those buying gifts, today’s guests are avoiding the traditional gift list with only 1 in 5 (20%) picking a present from the couple’s wish list, while almost half (44%) opt for cash or gift cards for the newlyweds. Other popular presents include something for the home (21%) or a bottle of something alcoholic (9%).

Members of the bridal party typically spend more on their nearest and dearest, averaging £73 on a gift, while the Father of the Bride is the most generous guest spending around £80.

The poll of 1,000 adults also showed that millennials are the most conservative spenders, spending an average of £41 on a present, with evening guests tending to spend the least at just £23. Over 55’s are the group most likely to splash the cash, spending £86 on average.

Of those guests giving monetary gifts, 32% said it was because the newlyweds themselves requested it, 27% because the couple already live together so probably have most household items they need and 27% so that the couple can choose a present they really want.

The data also shows that cash gifts are the ones most gratefully received by married couples, with 38% stating this was the most appreciated present, followed by something for the home (34%).
Regionally, Londoners tend to be the most lavish, spending £80 on wedding presents; while those in the North East spend a more moderate £37 on average.

Leanne Halpin, Group Consumer Communications Manager at One4all Gift Cards comments, “Gone are the days when giving monetary wedding gifts was seen as a taboo. Couples are getting married later, already live together and simply don’t need to stock up on basic household items that would traditionally feature on a gift list.

“It’s no surprise that cash or gift cards are the most popular present – they allow the newlyweds to choose something they will truly enjoy once the wedding celebrations are over such as a romantic meal for two, a spa day, items to spruce up their home or even a contribution towards their honeymoon. It can also feel a lot more personal than purchasing a gift from a wedding list which isn’t something you’d necessarily pick out yourself and is delivered directly to the couple themselves. It’s also a great way to avoid duplicate presents.

“Overall, what the research really demonstrates is what a generous nation we are. The amount of thought and money that guests put into present buying really pays tribute to the happiness and appreciation guests feel when invited to celebrate the nuptials of their nearest and dearest.”

The One4all Gift Card can be spent in more than 50,000 outlets across the UK and is available to buy from Post Offices nationwide and online at 

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