Our Lesbian Marriage Post at Pink Lobster

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Perhaps you've noticed (meh, you probably haven't) that there's only been the one blog post this week. You would, of course, be correct. 

Sort of.

We were very kindly asked by Pink Lobster Dating to contribute a piece to their website. And we have. You can find it here.

It's all about lesbian marriage. 

We've got a semi-regular gig there now, and we'll be writing each month on issues to do with lesbian marriage. Don't worry though, we're still here. There will be two posts this week, too. Normal service is being resumed.

You lucky, lucky things.

We'd also like to remind everyone that you can find us on Twitter and Facebook. Our Facebook page in particular is looking a little lonely, and we'd love it if more people would stop by and give us a like.

What if I was to promise more videos of Kate Bush and Kittens? Come on. Come onnnnnnnnnnn. You know you want to.

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