Wedding Flowers for Your Wedding or Civil Ceremony

Our recent post “When Should We Have Our Wedding or Civil Partnership?” looked at the best time of the year to have a wedding or civil ceremony.

The date you choose will depend on a number of things:

  • When you and your partner are available

  • The budget you have

  • The time of year that you'd prefer
We looked at the flowers available, too. Flowers often form an important element within a ceremony and are often carried through in the reception, too. Complimenting a colour scheme, they help to tie together a theme that is often repeated by the clothing, the tables and the decor. 

Once you've set your date, check which flowers are in season. Even if you don't commit to a colour or type, it's important to know what's available. Check with a local florist to see what's in bloom when you need it.  In the meantime, we've listed some of the flowers available during the year. We've tried to include different colours for each month, but many are in bloom throughout most of the year. Some varieties of sunflower, for example, are available all year round. 


File:Kessel, Peter - A still life with tulips in a stone niche.jpg 
Delphimium – Purple, blue, red, yellow and white

Lillium Casablanca – White

Lillium Stargazer – Pink, yellow, white

Roses – multiple colours

Snapdragons – bronze, pink, red, red-violet

Tulips – multiple colours


Calla assorted  multiple colours including pink, black-burgundy, enhanced orange, off-white.

Delphimium – Purple, blue, red, yellow and white.

Hydrangea – multiple colours that can be manipulated

Iris – Deep blue to blue-violet

Ranunculous – multiple colours including white, red,

Roses – multiple colours

Sunflowers – bright yellow


Freesia – white, yellow, orange, pink and purple

Cornflower – blue

Lisianthus – white, red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange


File:Paeonia cambessedesii Bot. Mag. 133. 8161. 1907.jpgApril

Alstromeria – multiple colours including pink, apricot, purple, mauve

Peonies – white, pink, red, maroon

Stock – white, cream, yellow, burgundy, lavender


Iris – deep blue to blue-violet

Paper whites – white


Roses – multiple colours

Magnolia – white & neutrals


Zinnia – deep red, cactus orange and vibrant colours

Sunflower – bright yellow, 


File:Snapdragon (PSF).pngStock – white, cream, yellow, burgundy, lavender

Daffodils – yellow


Hyacinth – white, pink, lavender, yellow

Snapdragons – bronze, pink, red, red-violet



Delphimium – purple, blues, red, yellow

Lily Of The Valley – pale white

Calla assorted - multiple colours including pink, black-burgundy, enhanced orange, off-white.


Lsianthus – pale pink, deep purple, lavender
Peonies - white, pink, red, maroon
Roses – multiple colours
Stock – white, cream, yellow, burgundy, lavender
Sunflowers –  bright yellow


Gardenias – white
Larkspur – purplish blue
Poppies – pale orange, red

What flowers are you planning to have in your wedding or civil partnership? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook

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