Having a Marquee for your Wedding or Civil Partnership

British Weather is the bane of many events:

  • Barbecues
  • Sport's days
  • Picnics
  • Beach holidays

and weddings.

You can plan your wedding to the finest detail: auditing the number of peas per plate; pushing all the chairs to perfect right angles; timetabling the reception with German precision. The weather, though?

Good luck with that.

In a previous post, we looked at when the best time of the year was to book a wedding. We also provided a link to the MET office, so that you could see average temperatures across the UK. That's really all you can do: pick a month and hope for the best.

Prepare for the worst.

Of course, when you're planning your wedding the thought of torrential downpours in July might seem like the end of the world. It's tempting to say that the wedding would be ruined.  It wouldn't be. Once the big day has arrived, the rain won't matter. It will be no where near as important to you as marrying your partner.

So, buy the umbrellas and think about the little things you could do to keep people dry. Gazebos over entrances, pack-a-macs with the confetti, wellington boots for those who need them. When everyone is inside however, it can feel a bit stifling.

One way of beating the weather is by hiring a marquee. You can bring the indoors to the outdoors and create more space for your guests.

They aren't cheap, however. You'll need to consider flooring as well as how you'll dress the interior, but the supplier should be able to help you with that. You can either see the marquee as a room extension or as a venue in itself but make sure you check that a venue allows marquees because some don't.

You may need to consider:

  • Putting in a bar
  • A PA system
  • Generator
  • Heaters
Needless to say, we've got some marquee companies in our directory. 

Sawtry Marquees ltd - Sawtry.

"Our selection of marquees range from 3m wide party marquees which are fantastic at providing the extra space without taking over your garden. To 4m wide marquees to provide seating options or a dance area and 6m wide marquees for the larger events. Now introducing our 9m wide marquees for when you want everything and more at your celebration.We pride ourselves on offering the best all-round package from initial free local site visits through to installation and removal. Helping you plan your event from your Birthday to your Civil Marriage or a simple family get together."
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Bees Marquees - Fareham

 "Choose Bees Marquees for your special day!All tastes catered for - a little bit gay, a lot gay or not detectably gay at all!
http://bit.ly/1dMBLNo  (our folder on Pinterest)Just drop me a line at ian@BeesMarquees.co.uk for planning ideas, price ideas & nice ideas!"

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Did you have a marquee for your wedding? Are you thinking about booking one? How did you cope with the weather? Get in touch via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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